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Big, Bigger, Biggest!
Big, Bigger, Biggest! By Coffelt, Nancy (Book - 2009 ) FICTION Cof Available in some locations

Annotation:Introduces young children to the language of comparison, synonyms, and antonyms, and features pictures of animals in all shapes and sizes. As you read, talk about the sizes of the animals and which ones are larger, which ones are smaller? What does it mean when we use "er" and "est" on the end of a word?

Cha-cha Chimps
Cha-cha Chimps By Durango, Julia (Book - 2006 ) FICTION Dur Available in some locations

Annotation:Counting and dancing go hand in hand at Mambo Jamba's, the place where hippos hokey-pokey and meerkats macarena and ten little chimps do the cha-cha-cha, until Mama Chip says, "Time for bed!" Children love the catchy rhythm of the words. You and your child can repeat the repetitive phrase, "Cha Cha Cha," together as you read. You can also make homemade shakers from dried beans and paper towel rolls by filling the empty rolls and sealing off the ends with tape. Use your shakers to "Cha Cha Cha!" (Adult supervision required.) Talk about rhythm, musical instruments, and dance. This helps your child learn more about his world.

Cock-a-moo-moo By Dallas-Conté, Juliet (Book - 2001 ) FICTION Dal Available in some locations

Annotation:Rooster has forgotten how to crow, and all the chickens are laughing at him. Will he remember what to say when the fox comes sniffing around the hen house? This is a fun and humorous book. Children will love predicting what will happen next. As you read, let your child quess what the Rooster will say next before you turn the pages. Laugh along with your child and enjoy the silliness.

Dog's Colorful Day
Dog's Colorful Day A Messy Story About Colors and Counting By Dodd, Emma (Book - 2001 ) FICTION Dod Available in some locations

Annotation:In this colorful story of a sloppy dog, you can count on a happy ending. As you read, talk about the colorful spots that Dog is accumulating on his fur. You could also draw a dog on a piece of paper and have your child color the spots on as you read. Talk about where the spots came from. Example: "What made the pink spot on Dog's fur?"..."That's right, the pink ice cream did. What flavor do you think it was?"

Down by the Cool of the Pool
Down by the Cool of the Pool By Mitton, Tony (Book - 2002 ) FICTION Mit Available in some locations

Annotation:Frog and the other animals have a dancing good time both in and out of the water in the cool of the pool. Great rhyming text with lively illustrations. Talk about the pictures and animals you see. You can also act out the movements the animals are making with your child.

I Can Do It Too!
I Can Do It Too! By Baicker, Karen (Book - 2003 ) FICTION Bai Available in some locations

Annotation:Supported by her family, an African American girl is self confident about what she can do and in turn supports a younger family member. Children love to do things themselves! As you read, talk about what your child has accomplised and give them praise. Example: "Look, you can hold the books for us while we read. You know how to handle a book. You are such a big girl!"

Signs on the Road
Signs on the Road By Hill, Mary (Book - 2003 ) 625.794 Hi Available in some locations

Annotation:A young boy in a wheelchair and his mother drive to go shopping, observing the various road signs on the way including the handicapped parking sign which shows them where to park close to the store. Children love to "pretend" to drive! Together you can pretend to use the steering wheel, put on the brake, and talk about what signs you see along the road. What shape do they have? What color are they? What do the signs tell the driver and his passenders? What signs do you see on the street where we you live?

Tanka Tanka Skunk!
Tanka Tanka Skunk! By Webb, Steve (Book - 2004 ) FICTION Web Available in some locations

Annotation:Uses animal names to introduce rhythmic language and rhyme, as Tanka the elephant and his friend Skunk play drums to keep the beat. This is such a fun book to share. As you read, encourage your child to join in on the repeating phrase, "Tanka skunka tanka skunka tanka tanka skunk." you can tap out the syllables on your laps' as you repeat the phrase. Talk about the animals you see on the pages and how many sounds are in their names. Example: "Al-li-ga-tor has 4 syllables, let's tap themm on our laps."

Trashy Town
Trashy Town By Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing (Book - 1999 ) FICTION Zim Available in some locations

Annotation:Little by little, can by can, Mr. Gillie, the trash man, cleans up his town. Children love helping Mr. Gillie pack down the trash as he goes around town. You can repeat the phrase together, "Dump it in, smash it down, drive around the Trashy Town!" Talk about Mr. Gillie's job. You can branch out and talk about other community helpers and what they do. This adds to your child's understanding of their world.

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Preschoolers are ready to sit for longer periods of time to read books. they enjoy helping turn the pages and "reading" the storyl Their world is growing and they are more observant. They have begun to recognize letters, numbers, and colors. They also have a sense of humor! Here are some books you and your preschooler will enjoy.

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