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The Basics of Cell Life With Max Axiom, Super Scientist
The Basics of Cell Life With Max Axiom, Super Scientist By Keyser, Amber Book - 2010 571.6 Ke Available in some locations

Annotation:"In graphic novel format, follows the adventures of Max Axiom as he explains the science behind plant and animal cells."

Cell and Microbe Science Fair Projects
Cell and Microbe Science Fair Projects Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method By Rainis, Kenneth G. Book - 2010 507.8 Ra Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of science experiments about cells and microbes with emphasis on using the scientific method.

Cell Biology
Cell Biology By Stewart, Melissa Book - 2008 571.6 St All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:The magic of microscopes -- A closer look at plant cells -- The cell theory takes shape -- Inside the nucleus -- Outside the nucleus -- The cell at work

Cell Division & Genetics
Cell Division & Genetics By Snedden, Robert Book - 2008 571.844 Sn Available in some locations

Annotation:Cell division is the way in which organisms grow. Even when an organism is fully grown, some cells continue to divide to replace those that have become old or damaged. This book explores the complex relationship among chromosomes, genes, and DNA. It then examines the special form of cell division involved in reproduction, and how characteristics are passed on from one generation to another - so that a pig gives birth to piglets and not kittens!

Cells and Systems
Cells and Systems By Halls, Kelly Milner Book - 2007 612 Ha Available in some locations

Annotation:This one's for the science fair crowd: Science fair basics -- Grow baby grow -- The building blocks of digestion -- Clearing the air -- Be still my heart (but not too still) -- Eating chocolate for science -- Brain buzz-z-z-z-z -- Sneaker stinker -- Don't look! -- Stop and catch your breath -- The competition.

Cells and Tissues
Cells and Tissues By LeMaster, Leslie Jean Book - 1985

Annotation:An introduction to the way cells work and the part they play in the human body.

Cryobiology By Winner, Cherie Book - 2006 571.464 Wi Available in some locations

Annotation:Learn how living cells withstand freezing.

Daring Cell Defenders
Daring Cell Defenders By Johnson, Rebecca L. Book - 2008 616.079 Jo Available in some locations

Annotation:"Bacteria and viruses are all around you. If they get inside your body, they can make you very sick. Fortunately, your body is built to keep illness-causing invaders out. If some do get in, special cells inside your body come to the rescue. They track down and destroy anything that might cause you harm. See how the daring cell defenders that make up your immune system keep you healthy. Are you ready for this microquest?" Other books by the author include Amazing DNA, Mighty Animal Cells, Powerful Plant Cells, and Ultra-organized Cell Systems.

I Know How My Cells Make Me Grow
I Know How My Cells Make Me Grow By Rowan, Kate Book - 1999 611 Ro Available in some locations

Annotation:Sam and his mother talk about the different kinds of cells in his body, how they grow, and how in doing so they help him grow. Part of the Sam's Science series.

The Life of A Cell
The Life of A Cell By Llamas Ruiz, Andres Book - 1997

Annotation:Learn how cells "breathe", find food, digest, grow, and develop specialties. Includes clear and bright illustrations.

Mighty Animal Cells
Mighty Animal Cells By Johnson, Rebecca L. Book - 2008 571.6 Jo Available in some locations

Annotation:Close-up color photos of cells and cell parts, inform about what special talents your cells and the cells of other animals have.

Powerful Plant Cells
Powerful Plant Cells By Johnson, Rebecca L. Book - 2008 581.7 Jo Available in some locations

Annotation:"You probably know that all living things need food to survive, including plants. So where do plants get their food? They make it themselves! This book takes you inside plant cells and shows you up-close photos of all the different cell parts. You'll also discover the secrets of how plants make seeds and how plant cells are strong enough to hold up giant redwood trees. You might be surprised to find out just how powerful plant cells are. Are you ready for this microquest?"

Annotation:Try this for information on cells, including diagrams. Also has a guide to writing a science report and giving an oral report. You will need your CRRL card number to use this database.

Annotation:Looks at how enzymes affect cells, as well as poisons, antibiotics, viruses, and genetic diseases. Has a good diagram of the E. coli bacterium. Created by: Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works.

Annotation:Looks kind of gross, but you can eat it! See how Jello, gelatin, and candy can illustrate the wonders of the cell. Created by: Access Excellence@ the National Health Museum.

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