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Day Is Done
Day Is Done By Yarrow, Peter (Book - 2009 ) FICTION Yar Available in some locations

Annotation:As night falls, animal and human parents everywhere tenderly tuck their children into bed. In the darkness, each child--raccoon, doe, rabbit, field mouse, and a little boy--wonders: "Will I be safe? Will you be there for me?" And every mommy and daddy responds with the comforting words, "Yes, I am here." A picture book version of the beautiful song, "Day Is Done."

Did I Tell You I Love You Today?
Did I Tell You I Love You Today? By Jordan, Deloris (Book - 2004 ) FICTION Jor Available in some locations

Annotation:A mother describes the many ways that she shows her love for her child throughout the day.

Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too?
Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? By Carle, Eric (Book - 2000 ) FICTION Car Available in some locations

Annotation:"Of course they do -- just like me and you! From baby kangaroos, called joeys, to baby elephants, called calfs, every kind of animal has a mother. Inside this playful and colorful book you will see all sorts of different babies with their mothers, all with one thing in common: Their mothers love them very, very much -- just like your mother loves you! Come right in and meet the family -- the animal family, that is -- in words and pictures by Eric Carle."

Don't Forget I Love You
Don't Forget I Love You By Moss, Miriam (Book - 2004 )

Annotation:After spending too much time playing with his favorite toy, Billy and his mother are very late for nursery school and his mother forgets some crucial things as she rushes to work.

Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday By Rodgers, Mary (Audiobook CD - 2007 ) FICTION Rod Available in some locations

Annotation:Annabel thinks her mom has the best life. If she were a grown-up, she could do whatever she wanted! Then one morning she wakes up to find she's turned into her mother . . . and she soon discovers it's not as easy as it looks!

Good Grief, It's Mother's Day!
Good Grief, It's Mother's Day! By Alfonsi, Alice (Book - 2004 ) FICTION Alf Available in some locations

Annotation:Snoopy, Woodstock, and all the Peanuts gang find different ways to celebrate Mother's Day.

Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch
Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch The Twenty-fourth Book of Their Adventures By Rylant, Cynthia (Book - 2004 ) FICTION Ryl Available in some locations

Annotation:Mudge looks forward to the Mother's Day surprise that Henry and his father cook up for Henry's mother.

Lots of Moms
Lots of Moms By Rotner, Shelley (Book - 1996 ) FICTION Rot Available in some locations

Annotation:Tired of the same old picture book mom in an apron? This simple, loving and honest appreciation of American motherhood describes the many different things that moms do, while lively, glowing photographs show that they come in all sorts of colors, shapes and outfits. It's an unusually realistic but still very reassuring look at mothers, showing that moms are sometimes busy, tired or even absent--but that they'll "always come back. (Amazon)

I Love My Mama
I Love My Mama By Kavanagh, Peter (Book - 2003 ) FICTION Kav Available in some locations

Annotation:A baby elephant describes how he and his mother spend their days together.

I Love You, Little One
I Love You, Little One By Tafuri, Nancy (Board Book - 1999 ) FICTION Taf Available in some locations

Annotation:Mama animals tell their little ones all the ways they are loved, forever and always.

Mommy's Hands
Mommy's Hands By Lasky, Kathryn (Book - 2002 ) FICTION Las Available in some locations

Annotation:Young children describe the many things their hands and their mothers' hands do when they are together throughout the different seasons of the year.

The Most Thankful Thing
The Most Thankful Thing By McCourt, Lisa (Book - 2004 ) FICTION McC Available in some locations

Annotation:A girl looks at old photographs with her mother, trying to figure out what her mother feels most grateful for in her life.

My Life Among the Aliens
My Life Among the Aliens By Gauthier, Gail (Book - 1996 ) FICTION Gau Available in some locations

Annotation:Two brothers begin to wonder if it is their mother's unusual cooking that is attracting the aliens that keep showing up at their house.

My Mom
My Mom By Browne, Anthony (Book - 2005 ) FICTION Bro Available in some locations

Annotation:A child describes the many wonderful things about "my mom," who can make anything grow, roar like a lion, and be as comfy as an armchair.

The Mother's Day Mice
The Mother's Day Mice By Bunting, Eve (Book - 1986 ) FICTION Bun Available in some locations

Annotation:Three little mouse brothers go into the meadow to find a present for their mother but it is the littlest mouse that comes up with the most unusual gift of all.

The Mother's Day Sandwich
The Mother's Day Sandwich By Wynot, Jillian (Book - 1990 ) FICTION Wy Available in some locations

Annotation:Ivy and Hackett's plan to give their mother a Mother's Day breakfast in bed almost turns to disaster until Mother finds a way to save the day.

My Mother's Voice
My Mother's Voice By Ryder, Joanne (Book - 2006 ) FICTION Ryd Available in some locations

Annotation:Lyrical text describes a mother's voice as she sings, hums, encourages, cheers, comforts, and shares secrets with her daughter during the course of a day.

My Very Own Mother's Day
My Very Own Mother's Day A Book of Cooking and Crafts By West, Robin (Book - 1996 ) 394.26 We Available in some locations

Annotation:Provides suggestions for celebrating Mother's Day through recipes and instructions for various crafts.

A Present for Mom
A Present for Mom By French, Vivian (Book - 2002 ) FICTION Fre Available in some locations

Annotation:Stanley has trouble deciding what to give his mother for Mother's Day.

Ramona and Her Mother
Ramona and Her Mother By Cleary, Beverly (Book - 2006 ) FICTION Cle Available in some locations

Annotation:Ramona at 7 1/2 sometimes feels discriminated against because she is the youngest in the family.

A Ride on Mother's Back
A Ride on Mother's Back A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World By Bernhard, Emery (Book - 1996 ) FICTION Ber Available in some locations

Annotation:Explores the ways in which people from a variety of cultures carry their young ones, and describes what children see and learn as they are carried.

Things to Make for Mother's Day
Things to Make for Mother's Day By Gilpin, Rebecca (Book - 2004 ) 745.594 Gi Available in some locations

Annotation:Easy instructions for cards, gifts, decorations, and food.

What Did Mommy Do Before You?
What Did Mommy Do Before You? By Levine, Abby (Book - 1988 ) FICTION Le All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Illustrates how mommy was once small and dependent until she grew bigger and eventually became an adult.

What Mommies Do Best
What Mommies Do Best What Daddies Do Best By Numeroff, Laura Joffe (Book - 1998 ) FICTION Num Available in some locations

Annotation:From porcupine moms to alligator dads, Munsinger’s expressive illustrations show that loving families have little to do with how we look and lots to do with how we care for one another.

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