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Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops
Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops By Biden, Jill Book - 2012 FICTION Bid Available in some locations

Annotation:Natalie misses her father while he is deployed, but reminds herself to "Be Brave, Natalie" and finds ways to deal with the separation.

Hero Dad
Hero Dad By Hardin, Melinda Book - 2010 FICTION Har Available in some locations

Annotation:He may wear combat boots instead of a cape and have a platoon instead of a sidekick, but that doesn't mean the narrator's Dad isn't a special kind of superhero.

I Miss You!
I Miss You! A Military Kid's Book About Deployment By Andrews, Beth Book - 2007 355.12 An Available in some locations

Annotation:This nonfiction book explains deployment to children while providing advice and activities to help them cope with the process.

The Impossible Patriotism Project
The Impossible Patriotism Project By Skeers, Linda Book - 2009 FICTION Ske Available in some locations

Annotation:Caleb finds making a display about what patriotism means to him difficult, especially since his father is serving overseas and won't be at Family Night to see it.

Love, Lizzie : Letters to A Military Mom
Love, Lizzie : Letters to A Military Mom By McElroy, Lisa Tucker Book - 2005 FICTION McE Available in some locations

Annotation:Lizzie sends letters and pictures detailing her daily life to her mother, who is deployed overseas.

My Big Brother
My Big Brother By Cohen, Miriam Book - 2005 FICTION Coh Available in some locations

Annotation:After his older brother, whom he has always looked up to, joins the Army, a little boy works hard to fill the “older brother” role by teaching the youngest brother new things and finding ways to stay connected to his brother.

My Red Balloon
My Red Balloon By Bunting, Eve Book - 2005 FICTION Bun Available in some locations

Annotation:Although excited to welcome home his father, who is in the Navy and has been at sea for months, a boy worries his dad may not recognize him.

Night Catch
Night Catch By Ehrmantraut, Brenda Book - 2005 FICTION Ehr Available in some locations

Annotation:Although he is serving on the other side of the world, a father finds a special way to play catch with his son.

On My Way
On My Way Dealing With A Move By Linder, Bonnie Book - 1994 355.12 Li Available in some locations

Annotation:Children's drawings accompany this story about a young girl who is worried about moving after her father is assigned to a new duty station.

Pilot Mom
Pilot Mom By Duble, Kathleen Benner Book - 2003 FICTION Dub Available in some locations

Annotation:Before she departs for an Air Force training mission, Jenny’s mom takes Jenny and her friend K. C. on a tour of her plane, while also addressing some of Jenny’s fears about her job.

Red, White, and Blue Good-bye
Red, White, and Blue Good-bye By Tomp, Sarah Wones Book - 2005 FICTION Tom Available in some locations

Annotation:As her Navy father prepares to leave, a young girl doesn’t know how to handle the separation, until her father points out the red, white, and blue things she sees every day, which will remind her of him while he is gone.

Stars Above Us
Stars Above Us By Norman, Geoffrey Book - 2009 FICTION Nor Available in some locations

Annotation:Amanda’s father shows her that the dark can be beautiful and fun, rather than scary, and, after he deploys, she uses the stars, both outside and those they painted on her ceiling, to stay connected to him while he is gone.

Time Apart
Time Apart Dealing With Family Separation By Linder, Bonnie Book - 1994 355.12 Li Available in some locations

Annotation:In this story, illustrated by the author's children, a young boy explains how he deals with his father's deployment.

When Dad's at Sea
When Dad's at Sea By Pelton, Mindy L. Book - 2004 FICTION Pel Available in some locations

Annotation:Emily, whose father is a Navy pilot, finds ways to stay in touch with him while he is away and counts down the days to his return on a paper chain he made for her.

While You Are Away
While You Are Away By Spinelli, Eileen Book - 2004 FICTION Spi Available in some locations

Annotation:Three children from military families share their worries, hopes, and feelings about being separated from their parents while they are deployed.

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This list is designed to provide military families with resources for helping young children understand common parts of the active duty lifestyle, including family member deployment and frequent moves. Includes books about multiple branches of service.

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