CRRL Kids: Sailing the Ocean Blue

Alphaboat By Chesworth, Michael Book - 2002 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Rhyming text full of puns tells the story of the letters of the alphabet sailing off to look for a buried treasure.

Dinosailors By Lund, Deb Book - 2003 FICTION Lun Available in some locations

Annotation:This high-rhyming, rip-snortingly hilarious tale follows the outrageous journey of a crew of novice dinosaurs who set sail for adventure, only to find something better awaits them at home.

Follow the Dream
Follow the Dream By Sís, Peter Book - 1991 921 Colum Available in some locations

Annotation:A richly illustrated version of the story of Christopher Columbus, published in honor of the 500th anniversary of his voyages.

Henry the Sailor Cat
Henry the Sailor Cat By Calhoun, Mary Book - 1994 FICTION Cal Available in some locations

Annotation:Who says cats don't like water? A sea-going Siamese like Henry sure wouldn't miss the chance for a glorious day of sailing, not when there are dolphins and whales and ocean breezes to enjoy. Sneaking aboard a sailboat, Henry embarks on an unforgettable aquatic adventure that captures the joy of sailing and sparkles with all the adventure of the sea.

Jenny's Journey
Jenny's Journey By Samton, Sheila White Book - 1991

Annotation:From her apartment in the big city, Jenny writes a letter to her just-moved-away friend, Maria. She imagines an amazing journey. Her little boat, with its watermelon-colored sail and leopard carving, at last arrives at Maria's tropical home after many adventures.

Little Rat Sets Sail
Little Rat Sets Sail By Bang-Campbell, Monika Book - 2002 FICTION Ban Available in some locations

Annotation:With a little courage and a lot of practice, Little Rat overcomes her fear of sailing.

Loud Emily
Loud Emily By O'Neill, Alexis Book - 1998 FICTION ONe Available in some locations

Annotation:Born with a voice loud enough to shatter plates, young Emily finally finds her niche as a substitute lighthouse, warning ships away from the rocks. Carpenter’s oil illustrations in the style of early 19th century folk art add to the humor.

Sail Away
Sail Away By Crews, Donald Book - 1995 FICTION Cre Available in some locations

Annotation:This picture book tells of a family's lovely day out in a sailboat.

Sail! Can You Command A Sea Voyage?
Sail! Can You Command A Sea Voyage? By Bruce, Julia Book - 2009 910.45 Br Available in some locations

Annotation:"Learn how to successfully complete a voyage from Portugal to India for spices in the 1500s."

Sailing Home
Sailing Home A Story of A Childhood at Sea By Rand, Gloria Book - 2001 FICTION Ran Available in some locations

Annotation:Captain Madsen's four children fondly recall their exciting experiences sailing with their father and mother on the bark John Ena at the turn of the twentieth century.

Salty Sails North
Salty Sails North By Rand, Gloria Book - 1990 FICTION Ra Available in some locations

Annotation:Salty Dog and his master sail to Alaska where they meet wolves and bears and icebergs, oh, my!

Sea Stories
Sea Stories A Classic Illustrated Edition Oversize Book - 2007 FICTION Sea Available in some locations

Annotation:"A collection of poems, stories, historical essays, fairy tales, and myths related to the sea, including tales of pirates, mermaids, Vikings, and sea monsters, illustrated by well-known artists."

Sea Story
Sea Story By Barklem, Jill Book - 2000 FICTION Bar Available in some locations

Annotation:The mice from Brambly Hedge set out on adventurous sea voyage.

Someday By Paterson, Diane Book - 1993 FICTION Pat Available in some locations

Annotation:A tough bargain with a sly crow lands Gull and his silly landlubber friends in trouble when they take to the high seas on a boat named Someday.

The Sailor Dog
The Sailor Dog By Brown, Margaret Wise Book - 1999 FICTION Bro Available in some locations

Annotation:"Born at sea in the teeth of a gale, the sailor was a dog. Scuppers was his name." A dog that has always wanted to go to sea finally realizes his dream. Join Scuppers as he makes his first voyage. This classic read-aloud never ages and will be wanted again and again.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader By Lewis, C. S. Book - 1994 FICTION Lew Available in some locations

Annotation:"In the enchanted land of Narnia, Edmund and Lucy join King Caspian on a sworn mission to find the seven lost Lords of Narnia. So begins a perilous new quest that takes them to the farthest edge of the Eastern world on board the mighty Dawn Treader. Sailing uncharted seas, the old friends must survive a terrible storm, encounters with sea serpents, dragons, and invisible enemies to reach lands where magicians weave mysterious spells and nightmares come true. They need every ounce of courage and the help of the great lion Aslan to triumph in their most hazardous adventure of all."

We'll All Go Sailing
We'll All Go Sailing By Spicer, Maggee Book - 2001 FICTION Spi Available in some locations

Annotation:"The young narrator and his friends, Maggee and Jesse, travel to a myriad of places to look at sea life that is every colour of the rainbow. Children will delight in the pink octopus, the blue manatee, and the orange barracuda, to name but a few. Richard Thompson and Maggee Spicer have created a rhythmic poem (in the same vein as their earlier collaboration, Fishes in the Ocean) that will encourage the very youngest of new readers."

We're Sailing to Galapagos
We're Sailing to Galapagos A Week in the Pacific By Krebs, Laurie Book - 2007 591.9 Kr Available in some locations

Annotation:Rhyming text presents facts about the Galapagos Islands and introduces the wildlife, such as giant tortoises, black iguanas, and brightly-colored lava crabs, who live there. Part of a series.

The Wreck of the Zephyr
The Wreck of the Zephyr By Van Allsburg, Chris Book - 1983 FICTION Van Available in some locations

Annotation:"At the edge of a cliff lies the wreck of a small sailboat. How did it get there? "Waves carried it up in a storm," says an old sailor. But is it possible that waves could ever get that high? There is another story -- the story of a boy and his obsessive desire to be the greatest sailor, the story of a storm that carried the boy and his boat to a place where boats glide like gulls high above the water and not upon it. Chris Van Allsburg tells that story of the boy and his boat, the Zephyr, in words and haunting, full-color pastel paintings."

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