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CRRL Kids: Good Reading for Kindergarten & 1st Grade 2014

Chu's Day
Chu's Day By Gaiman, Neil (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Gai Available in some locations

Annotation:Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze. When Chu sneezes, bad things happen. Will Chu sneeze today?

Cloudette By Lichtenheld, Tom (Book - 2011 ) FICTION Lic Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 16 copies

Annotation:Cloudette, the littlest cloud, finds a way to do something big and important just as the other clouds do.

Creepy Carrots!
Creepy Carrots! By Reynolds, Aaron (Book - 2012 ) FICTION Rey Available in some locations

Annotation:The carrots that grow in Crackenhopper Field are the fattest and crispiest around and Jasper Rabbit cannot resist pulling some to eat, until he begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he goes.

The Dark
The Dark By Snicket, Lemony (Oversize Book - 2013 ) FICTION Sni Available in some locations

Annotation:Laszlo is afraid of the dark which shares the same big, creaky house, until one night the dark pays him a visit.

The Deep Deep Puddle
The Deep Deep Puddle By Parker, Mary Jessie (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Par Available in some locations

Annotation:During an overnight rainstorm, a large, deep puddle forms across a city street, and the next day increasing numbers of creatures or things disappear into it, from one shaggy dog to nine robbers.

Eggs 1 2 3
Eggs 1 2 3 Who Will the Babies Be? By Halfmann, Janet (Book - 2012 ) 591.468 Ha Available in some locations

Annotation:Young readers may lift the flaps of the pages to reveal a variety of animal eggs while learning about the numbers from one to ten.

Exclamation Mark
Exclamation Mark By Rosenthal, Amy Krouse (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Ros Available in some locations

Annotation:A punctuation mark feels bad that he doesn't fit in with the others until a friend reveals the possibilities that exist when differences are accepted.

Extra Yarn
Extra Yarn By Barnett, Mac (Book - 2012 ) FICTION Bar Available in some locations

Annotation:With a supply of yarn that never runs out, Annabelle knits for everyone and everything in town until an evil archduke decides he wants the yarn for himself.

Hello, My Name Is Ruby
Hello, My Name Is Ruby By Stead, Philip Christian (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Ste Available in some locations

Annotation:Ruby, a very small bird in a very big world, is looking for a friend, so she introduces herself to an array of possible feathered companions.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?
How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad? By Yolen, Jane (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Yol Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 20 copies

Annotation:Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry-and how they should control their tempers.

If You Want to See A Whale
If You Want to See A Whale By Fogliano, Julie (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Fog Available in some locations

Annotation:Advises what to do, and not do in order to successfully spot a whale, such as wrapping up in a not-too-cozy blanket, ignoring the roses, and especially, being patient.

It's A Tiger!
It's A Tiger! By LaRochelle, David (Book - 2012 ) FICTION LaR Available in some locations

Annotation:A child imagines that he is in a story where he encounters a tiger at every turn.

Jimmy the Joey
Jimmy the Joey The True Story of An Amazing Koala Rescue By Rose, Deborah Lee (Book - 2013 ) 599.25 Ro Available in some locations

Annotation:Follows the story of an endangered baby koala who is rescued and cared for at Koala Hospital and raised by loving human caregivers.

Little Cub
Little Cub By Dunrea, Olivier (Book - 2012 ) FICTION Dun Available in some locations

Annotation:A young bear cub, who is alone in the world, and Old Bear, who is grumpy and tired of living alone, meet and discover what they have been missing.

Me-- Jane
Me-- Jane By McDonnell, Patrick (Book - 2011 ) FICTION McD Available in some locations

Annotation:Holding her stuffed toy chimpanzee, young Jane Goodall observes nature, reads Tarzan books, and dreams of living in Africa and helping animals.

Monsters Love Colors
Monsters Love Colors By Austin, Mike (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Aus Available in some locations

Annotation:Playful monsters combine their favorite crayons, red, yellow, and blue, to create new colors, including one never before seen.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild By Brown, Peter (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Bro Available in some locations

Annotation:Bored with city life and the proper behavior it requires, Mr. Tiger has a wild idea that leads him to discover his true nature.

Oh No, George!
Oh No, George! By Haughton, Chris (Book - 2012 ) FICTION Hau Available in some locations

Annotation:George finds it hard to be a good dog when there are cats to chase, flowers to dig up, and a delicious cake sitting on the kitchen table.

Perfect Square
Perfect Square By Hall, Michael (Book - 2011 ) FICTION Hal Available in some locations

Annotation:A perfect square that's perfectly happy is torn into pieces, punched with holes, crumpled, and otherwise changed, but finds in each transformation that it can be something new, and just as happy.

Pirate Boy
Pirate Boy By Bunting, Eve (Paperback - 2012 ) Available in some locations

Annotation:As Colin imagines himself in a series of adventures beginning with joining a pirate crew, his mother assures him that she will always be there to help if he needs her.

That Is Not A Good Idea!
That Is Not A Good Idea! By Willems, Mo (Book - 2013 ) FICTION Wil Available in some locations

Annotation:A surprising lesson about the importance of listening to one's inner gosling ensues when a very hungry fox issues a dinner invitation to a very plump goose.

This Is Not My Hat
This Is Not My Hat By Klassen, Jon (Book - 2012 ) FICTION Kla Available in some locations

Annotation:A tiny minnow wearing a pale blue bowler hat has a thing or two up his fins in this underwater light-on-dark chase scene.

Who Lives Here?
Who Lives Here? By Davies, Nicola (Book - 2012 ) 591.564 Da Available in some locations

Annotation:Lift the flap and find out who lives where!

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