CRRL History: Queen Elizabeth I and Her World

Behind the Mask
Behind the Mask The Life of Queen Elizabeth I By Thomas, Jane Resh (eBook - 1998 ) 921 Eliza Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:A short biography of Elizabeth I that describes her triumphant reign as well as the childhood that shaped the woman she became.

Danger to Elizabeth
Danger to Elizabeth The Catholics Under Elizabeth I By Plowden, Alison (Book - 1973 ) 942.05 PL Available in some locations

Annotation:In the wake of the Reformation, Europe lay deeply divided by religion. This second volume tells of the many faceted struggle between Elizabeth and the Catholics of England and the rest of Europe who, denouncing the queen as a heretic, and a usurper, threatened to overthrow her and re-establish the supremacy of Rome in all Christendom.

Death and the Virgin Queen
Death and the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I and the Dark Scandal That Rocked the Throne By Skidmore, Chris (Book - 2011 ) 942.055 Sk Available in some locations

Annotation:"On the morning of September 8, 1560, at the isolated manor of Cunmor place, the body of a young woman was found at the bottom of a staircase, her neck broken. But this was no ordinary death. Amy Robsart was the wife of Elizabeth I's great favorite, Robert Dudley, the man who many believed she would marry, were he free. Immediately people suspected foul play and Elizabeth's own reputation was in danger of serious damage. Many felt she might even lose her throne. An inquest was begun, witnesses called, and ultimately a verdict of death by accident was reached. But the mystery refused to die and cast a long shadow over Elizabeth's reign.Using recently discovered forensic evidence from the original investigation, Skidmore is able to put an end to centuries of speculation as to the true causes of Robsart's death."

Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I By Somerset, Anne (Book - 1991 ) 921 Eliza Available in some locations

Annotation:"A woman of intellect and presence, Elizabeth was the object of extravagant adoration by her contemporaries. She firmly believed in the divine providence of her sovereignty and exercised supreme authority over the intrigue-laden Tudor court and Elizabethan England at large. Brilliant, mercurial, seductive, and maddening, an inspiration to artists and adventurers and the subject of vicious speculation over her choice not to marry, Elizabeth became the most powerful ruler of her time."

Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603
Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603 By Doran, Susan (eBook - 2000 ) 942.0509 Do Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:Describes and assesses England's foreign policy during the second half of the sixteenth century. It includes coverage of Elizabeth's relations with foreign powers, the effect of the Reformation on foreign affairs, Elizabeth's success as a stateswoman and the war with Spain. The book incorporates traditional and revisionist approaches and uses the most recent research to stimulate critical thought and interpretation.

Elizabeth & Mary
Elizabeth & Mary [cousins, Rivals, Queens] By Dunn, Jane (Audiobook CD - 2003 ) 9.2 D92e Available in some locations

Annotation:"In a rich and riveting narrative, Jane Dunn reveals the extraordinary rivalry between the regal cousins. It is the story of two queens ruling on one island, each with a claim to the throne of England, each embodying dramatically opposing qualities of character, ideals of womanliness (and views of sexuality) and divinely ordained kingship."

Elizabeth The Struggle for the Throne By Starkey, David (Book - 2001 ) 921 Eliza Available in some locations

Annotation:"An abused child, yet confident of her destiny to reign, a woman in a man's world, passionately sexual -- though, as she maintained, a virgin -- Elizabeth I was to be famed as England's most successful ruler. This brilliant new biography, by concentrating on the formative early years -- from her birth in 1533 to her accession in 1558 -- shows how her experiences of danger and adventure formed her remarkable character and shaped her opinions and beliefs."

The Elizabethan Renaissance
The Elizabethan Renaissance The Life of the Society By Rowse, A. L. (Book - 1971 ) 942.055 Ro Available in some locations

Annotation:In this volume, Mr. Rowse brings vividly to life the age's poetry, music, science, painting, sculpture, and the world of the theater: 1. The drama as social expression -- 2. Language, literature and society -- 3. Words and music -- 4. Architecture and sculpture -- 5. Painting -- 6. Domestic arts -- 7. Science and society -- 8. Nature and medicine -- 9. Mind and spirit.

The First Elizabeth
The First Elizabeth By Erickson, Carolly (Book - 1997 ) 921 Eliza Available in some locations

Annotation:"In this remarkable biography, Carolly Erickson brings Elizabeth I to life and allows us to see her as a living, breathing, elegant, flirtatious, diplomatic, violent, arrogant, and outrageous woman who commands our attention, fascination, and awe. With the special skill for which she is acclaimed, Carolly Erickson electrifies the senses as she evokes with total fidelity the brilliant colors of Elizabethan clothing and jewelry, the texture of tapestries, and even the close, perfumed air of castle rooms. Erickson demonstrates her extraordinary ability to discern and bring to life psychological and physical reality."

The Life of Elizabeth I
The Life of Elizabeth I By Weir, Alison (Downloadable Audiobook - 2012 ) 9.21 Eliza Click here for OneClickdigital eaudio »

Annotation:"Now, in this brilliantly researched, fascinating new book, acclaimed biographer Alison Weir brings the enigmatic figure of Elizabeth 1 to life as never before. Here are provocative new interpretations and fresh insights on the intimacy between Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, who rose from Master of the Horse to become Earl of Leicester; the imprisonment and execution of Elizabeth's rival, Mary Stuart; Elizabeth's clash with Philip of Spain, once her suitor and then her enemy; and the cruel betrayal of her beloved Essex."

Monarchy and Matrimony
Monarchy and Matrimony The Courtships of Elizabeth I By Doran, Susan (eBook - 1996 ) 942.055 Do Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:"...the first comprehensive study of Elizabeth I's courtships. Susan Doran argues that the cult of the 'Virgin Queen' was invented by her ministers, and that Elizabeth was forced into celibacy by political necessity."

The Pirate Queen
The Pirate Queen [Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire] /Susan Ronald By Ronald, Susan (Audiobook CD - 2007 ) 9.21 Eliza Available in some locations

Annotation:"Dubbed the 'pirate queen' by the Vatican and Philip II of Spain, Elizabeth I was feared and admired by her enemies. Extravagant, whimsical, and hot-tempered, she was the epitome of power. Her visionary accomplishments were made possible by her daring merchants, gifted rapscallion adventurers, astronomer philosophers, and her stalwart Privy Council. All these men contributed their genius, power, greed, and expertise to the advancement of England. Historian Ronald offers a fresh look at Elizabeth I, focusing on her uncanny instinct for financial survival and the superior intellect that propelled and sustained her rise."

The Portable Queen
The Portable Queen Elizabeth I and the Politics of Ceremony By Cole, Mary Hill (eBook - 1999 ) 942.055 Co Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:Every spring and summer, Queen Elizabeth would go on a series of official trips to towns and lordly manors in southern England. Here, the author examines original documents to decipher the meaning and importance of ceremonies past.

Queen Elizabeth in the Garden
Queen Elizabeth in the Garden A Story of Love, Rivalry, and Spectacular Gardens By Martyn, Trea (Book - 2012 ) 635.0942 Ma Available in some locations

Annotation:"Taking a fresh and original approach to the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I, this book tells the incredible story of her great passion for gardens, and how the two most powerful men in England during her reign fought a decade-long duel for their queen's affections by creating lavish gardens for her."

The Reign of Elizabeth I
The Reign of Elizabeth I By Levin, Carole (Book - 2002 ) 942.055 Le Available in some locations

Annotation:"...looks at the difficulties Elizabeth and England faced during a time of war and economic distress, and great social and cultural changes. During this time, England became a Protestant nation, and though Elizabeth tried to keep peace, by the end of her reign England was involved in a war with Catholic Spain. The period was also significant culturally and socially, as gender expectations changed and Shakespeare's plays were part of a great cultural development."

The Royal Palaces of Tudor England
The Royal Palaces of Tudor England Architecture and Court Life, 1460-1547 By Thurley, Simon (Book - 1993 ) 942.052 Th Available in some locations

Annotation:The Curator of Historic Royal Places shares his insights into the many residences of the Tudor royal family. Lots of illustrations here, including floor and ground plans, and insights into the court's etiquette, hygiene, religion, government, cooking and interior decoration, as well as their preferred sports.

The Watchers
The Watchers A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I By Alford, Stephen (Book - 2012 ) 942.055 Al Available in some locations

Annotation:"A gripping account of the unflagging battle by spies, code breakers, ambassadors and confidence-men who sought to protect Elizabeth I from the most powerful rulers of Europe who conspired to destroy her, their plans most fully realized by the Spanish Armada."

What Life Was Like in the Realm of Elizabeth
What Life Was Like in the Realm of Elizabeth England, AD 1533-1603 (Book - 1998 ) 942.055 Wh Available in some locations

Annotation:Drawing on art, artifacts and literature that was left behind, these richly illustrated volumes recount captivating tales of everyday life in long-ago vanished worlds. Part of the What Life Was Like... series.

Wives and Daughters
Wives and Daughters The Women of Sixteenth Century England By Emerson, Kathy Lynn (Book - 1984 ) 305.42 Em Available in some locations

Annotation:Sixteenth-century England was scarcely a paradise for anyone by modern standards. Yet despite huge obstacles, many sixteenth-century women achieved personal success and even personal wealth. This is a resource for all interested in this time-period.

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Explore the powerful Tudor queen's long reign--full of danger, intrigue, and discovery--with these books.

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