CRRL Kids: Flag Day

The American Flag
The American Flag By Landau, Elaine Book - 2008 929.92 La Available in some locations

Annotation:Learn interesting facts about our flag.

Betsy Ross and the Silver Thimble
Betsy Ross and the Silver Thimble By Greene, Stephanie Book - 2002 921 Ross Available in some locations

Annotation:Young Betsy Ross is upset when her brother tells her that she cannot make furniture because she is a girl, but her mother teaches her that she can still do important things.

Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags
Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags By Giblin, James Book - 1983

Annotation:Traces the social history behind America's celebration of Independence Day and explains the background of such national symbols as the flag, the bald eagle, the Liberty Bell, and Uncle Sam.

The First American Flag
The First American Flag By Allen, Kathy Book - 2010 929.92 Al Available in some locations

Annotation:The legend says that Betsy Ross sewed the first U.S. flag in 1776. But the facts say someone else did. Who was it? And how has the flag changed since then? Here's the story.

Flag Day
Flag Day By Nelson, Robin Book - 2009 394.263 Ne Available in some locations

Annotation:A basic overview of Flag Day for emergent readers. Color photographs reflect the short, easy-to-understand sentences that improve vocabulary and comprehension.

Flag Day
Flag Day By Schuh, Mari C. Book - 2003 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:An introduction to the history, purpose, and observance of Flag Day, when we honor our country's flag.

A Flag for Our Country
A Flag for Our Country By Spencer, Eve Book - 1993 929.9 Sp Available in some locations

Annotation:Relates how a Philadelphia seamstress helped design and make the first flag to represent the United States of America.

The Flag We Love
The Flag We Love By Ryan, Pam Muñoz Book - 1996 929.92 Ry Available in some locations

Annotation:This patriotic picture book unabashedly celebrates the Stars and Stripes.

Fort McHenry
Fort McHenry By Burgan, Michael Book - 2010 975.26 Bu Available in some locations

Annotation:As American troops in Fort McHenry successfully fended off attacks from the British navy during the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key was inspired to write "The Star-Spangled Banner," a poem that eventually formed the lyrics of the American national anthem.

Hold the Flag High
Hold the Flag High By Clinton, Catherine Book - 2005 973.734 Cl Available in some locations

Annotation:Describes the Civil War battle of Morris Island, South Carolina, during which Sargeant William H. Carney became the first African American to earn a Congressional Medal of Honor by preserving the flag.

I Pledge Allegiance
I Pledge Allegiance The Pledge of Allegiance By Bellamy, Francis Book - 2004 323.65 Be Available in some locations

Annotation:With simple, straightforward language and quirky illustrations, a team of children's book creators takes a look at each word of the Pledge of Allegiance and explains what it means.

Keep on Sewing, Betsy Ross!
Keep on Sewing, Betsy Ross! A Fun Song About the First American Flag By Dahl, Michael Book - 2004 929.92 Da Available in some locations

Annotation:Relates the Revolutionary War adventures of Betsy Ross, who sewed the first American flag at the request of George Washington, interspersed with verses of original song lyrics to be sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."

Our American Flag
Our American Flag By Firestone, Mary Book - 2007 929.9 Fi Available in some locations

Annotation:Join seamstress Mary Pickersgill to see how the American flag came to be.

Raising the Flag
Raising the Flag The Battle of Iwo Jima By Dougherty, Terri Book - 2009 940.542 Do All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Describes events before, during, and after the Battle of Iwo Jima, including key players, weapons, and battle tactics.

The Star-spangled Banner
The Star-spangled Banner By Key, Francis Scott Book - 1992 781.59 Ke Available in some locations

Annotation:Illustrates three verses of our national anthem, written at the battle of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. Music is included.

The Star-spangled Banner
The Star-spangled Banner By Welch, Catherine A. Book - 2005 929.92 We Available in some locations

Annotation:It was September 14, 1814, and the United States and Great Britain were at war. Frances Scott Key watched the fighting from the deck of a British ship. He was being held captive, with rockets flaring and bombs exploding all around him. After 25 hours, the fighting finally stopped, and Key peered through the clearing smoke. Who had won? Was the American flag still flying? Key wrote a poem about his experience that was later set to music. This book tells the story of the events that make up "The Star-Spangled Banner" and how the song spread across the nation and became our national anthem.

The Star-spangled Banner
The Star-spangled Banner By Winstead, Amy Book - 2003 973.52 Wi Available in some locations

Annotation:A young Baltimore boy and his brother witness the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814 that culminates in the writing of the national anthem by Francis Scott Key.

The Star-spangled Banner in Translation
The Star-spangled Banner in Translation What It Really Means By Raum, Elizabeth Book - 2009 973.52 Ra All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Presents the full text of "The Star-Spangled Banner" in both its original version and in a translated version using everyday language. Describes the events that led to the creation of America's national anthem and its significance through history.

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A book list to support June 14, Flag Day.

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