CRRL Kids: On the Homefront

Carrie's War
Carrie's War DVD - 2006 7.9145 Ca Available in some locations

Annotation:At the start of World War II, 14-year-old Carrie and her younger brother Nick are separated from their mother and evacuated from war-torn London to a rural village in Wales, where they now live with a puritanical shopkeeper and his spinster sister. Based on the book by Nina Bawden.

Early Sunday Morning
Early Sunday Morning The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows By Denenberg, Barry Book - 2001 FICTION Den All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:In her diary, twelve-year-old Amber describes moving to Hawaii in 1941 and experiencing the horror of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Part of the Dear America series.

Easter Parade
Easter Parade By Greenfield, Eloise Book - 1998 FICTION Gre Available in some locations

Annotation:Although the young cousins live many miles apart, Leanna in Chicago and Elizabeth in Washington, D.C., both prepare for an Easter parade against the backdrop of the Second World War.

Foster's War
Foster's War By Reeder, Carolyn Book - 1998 FICTION Ree Available in some locations

Annotation:When World War II comes to San Diego, eleven-year-old Foster must say good-bye to his big brother who is going to fight one kind of war while Foster remains behind to face his father's rage and try to help the war effort as best he can.

Gay-Neck The Story of A Pigeon By Mukerji, Dhan Gopal Book - 1954 FICTION Muk Available in some locations

Annotation:Beautiful Gay-Neck was raised in India and would be used to carry messages by a Bengal Regiment in France during World War I. This story of an animal's courage also reveals what life was like for a boy growing up in India during the period.

Heart of A Shepherd
Heart of A Shepherd By Parry, Rosanne Book - 2009 FICTION Par Available in some locations

Annotation:Ignatius "Brother" Alderman, nearly twelve, promises to help his grandparents keep the family's Oregon ranch the same while his brothers are away and his father is deployed to Iraq, but as he comes to accept the inevitability of change, he also sees the man he is meant to be.

The House of Sixty Fathers
The House of Sixty Fathers By De Jong, Meindert Book - 1984

Annotation:Young Tien Pao is alone on his parents' boat when it breaks free of its moorings and plunges down river into Japanese occupied territory. Bravely, he starts the long journey back to his village. The boy and his pet pig, Glory of the Republic, meet sixty American pilots stationed in China during World War II who care for him. Based on a true story.

Jimmy Crack Corn
Jimmy Crack Corn By Ransom, Candice F. Book - 1994 FICTION Ran Available in some locations

Annotation:A young boy and his father leave their northern Virginia farm in 1932 to march on Washington, seeking the bonus money veterans were promised after World War I.

Journey Home
Journey Home By McKay, Lawrence Book - 1998 FICTION McK All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Mai returns to Vietnam, the land of her mother's birth, to discover both a new country and something about herself.

The Language of Doves
The Language of Doves By Wells, Rosemary Book - 1996 FICTION Wel Available in some locations

Annotation:On her sixth birthday, Julietta's grandfather gives her one of his beautiful homing pigeons and tells her a story of his experience raising and training doves in Italy during the Great War.

Lily's Crossing
Lily's Crossing By Giff, Patricia Reilly Book - 1997 FICTION Gif Available in some locations

Annotation:During the summer of 1944, Lily and her new friend Albert cook up a plan to reunite with Lily's father and Albert's sister, both in Europe for the duration of the war.

The Little Riders
The Little Riders By Shemin, Margaretha Book - 1988 FICTION Sh Available in some locations

Annotation:Living in Holland during the Nazi occupation, Johanna takes comfort in watching the town’s clock tower from her attic window. Every hour, twelve metal figures on horseback parade out in a joyous salute. When the Germans threaten to melt down the “little riders” for ammunition, Johanna bravely risks danger to save them.

A Long Walk to Water
A Long Walk to Water By Park, Linda Sue Book - 2010 FICTION Par Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 26 copies

Annotation:When the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in 1985, eleven-year-old Salva becomes separated from his family and must walk with other Dinka tribe members through southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya in search of safe haven. Based on the life of Salva Dut, who, after emigrating to America in 1996, began a project to dig water wells in Sudan.

Love You, Soldier
Love You, Soldier By Hest, Amy Book - 1991 FICTION Hes Available in some locations

Annotation:Katie, a Jewish girl living in New York City during World War II, sees many dynamic changes in her world as she ages from seven to ten waiting for her father to return from the war.

Michael at the Invasion of France, 1943
Michael at the Invasion of France, 1943 By Calkhoven, Laurie Book - 2012 FICTION Cal Available in some locations

Annotation:Michael, a thirteen-year-old French-American, watches in fear as the Nazis invade Paris, and is spurred to become part of the French Resistance movement, defying Hitler, helping American aviators to safe zones, and delivering secret documents at great risk to his own safety. Includes historical notes, glossary, and timeline.

Molly An American Girl By Tripp, Valerie Downloadable Audiobook - 2011 FICTION Tri Click here for OneClickdigital eaudio »

Annotation:While her father is away fighting in World War II, Molly finds her life full of change as she eats terrible vegetables from the victory garden and plans revenge on her brother for ruining her Halloween. First part of a series.

My Daddy Was A Soldier
My Daddy Was A Soldier A World War II Story By Ray, Deborah Kogan Book - 1990 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:While Daddy's away fighting in the Pacific, Jeannie plants a Victory garden, collects scrap, and sends letters to her father as she anxiously awaits his return.

The Night Flyers
The Night Flyers By Jones, Elizabeth McDavid Book - 1999 FICTION Jon Available in some locations

Annotation:In 1918, caring for her family's homing pigeons while her father is away fighting in World War I, twelve-year-old Pam comes to suspect that a mysterious stranger in her small North Carolina town is a German spy. Part of the History Mysteries series.

Nim and the War Effort
Nim and the War Effort By Lee, Milly Book - 1997 FICTION Lee Available in some locations

Annotation:Set in San Francisco's Chinatown during World War II, Nim tries to help the war effort and win her school's newspaper drive. A blend of historical and cultural detail, this picture book for older readers addresses racism in defining who is a "real" American.

On the Wings of Heroes
On the Wings of Heroes By Peck, Richard Audiobook CD - 2007 FICTION Pec Available in some locations

Annotation:"World War II has invaded Davy’s homefront boyhood. There’s an air raid drill in the classroom, and being a kid is an endless scrap drive. Brother Bill has joined up, breaking their dad’s heart. It’s an intense, confusing time, and one that will invite Davy to grow up in a hurry."

Stars Above Us
Stars Above Us By Norman, Geoffrey Book - 2009 FICTION Nor Available in some locations

Annotation:A little girl's father helps her get over her fear of the dark before he goes off to war, and she uses the stars they painted on her ceiling to remind her of him while he is away.

Summer Soldiers
Summer Soldiers By Lindquist, Susan Hart Book - 1999

Annotation:Not all wars are fought on battlefields. After his father goes off to France during the summer of 1918, eleven-year-old Joe takes on hard new responsibilities on his parents' sheep ranch and learns grownup truths about bullies and prejudice.

Voices at Whisper Bend
Voices at Whisper Bend By Ayres, Katherine Book - 1999 FICTION Ayr Available in some locations

Annotation:In their Pennsylvania town in 1942 twelve-year-old Charlotte and her classmates collect scrap metal for the war effort only to have it disappear from the school basement. Part of the History Mysteries series.

The Wall
The Wall By Bunting, Eve Book - 1990 FICTION Bu Available in some locations

Annotation:A boy and his father come from far away to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington and find the name of the boy's grandfather, who was killed in the conflict.

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War has an impact on kids and adults alike, whether they live in a place where the daily peace is broken by bombing or in a "safe" area where wartime means learning to do without a lot of luxuries that are needed at the front. Kids also "did their part" by collecting scrap, volunteering at soldiers' hospitals, and growing their own vegetables in Victory Gardens. It is the children who experience the changes to families that war often brings and children who listen to the stories their grandparents are finally ready to tell about their days of war.

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