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Little Big Man
Little Big Man By Berger, Thomas (Book - 2005 ) FICTION Ber Available in some locations

Annotation:The story of Jack Crabbe, raised by both a white man and a Cheyenne chief. As a Cheyenne, Jack ate dog, had four wives and saw his people butchered by General Custer's soldiers. As a white man, he participated in the slaughter of the buffalo and tangled with Wyatt Earp.

The Sisters Brothers
The Sisters Brothers By deWitt, Patrick (Book - 2011 ) FICTION DeW Available in some locations

Annotation:When a frontier baron known as the Commodore orders Charlie and Eli Sisters, his hired gunslingers, to track down and kill a prospector named Herman Kermit Warm, the brothers journey from Oregon to San Francisco, and eventually to Warm's claim in the Sierra foothills, running into a witch, a bear, a dead Indian, a parlor of drunken floozies, and a gang of murderous fur trappers.

Deadwood By Dexter, Pete (Book - 1986 ) FICTION Dex Available in some locations

Annotation:Legendary gunman Wild Bill Hickcock and his friend Charlie Utter have come to...Deadwood, ...a town of played-out miners, bounty hunters, upstairs girls, Chinese immigrants, and various other entrepeneurs and miscreants.

The Branch and the Scaffold
The Branch and the Scaffold A Novel of Judge Parker By Estleman, Loren D. (Book - 2009 ) FICTION Est Available in some locations

Annotation:As the sole law on the untamed frontier, (Judge) Parker tried civil and criminal cases throughout the Western District of Arkansas and the Indian Nations. Only God and the president had the power to challenge Parker.

One Thousand White Women
One Thousand White Women The Journals of May Dodd By Fergus, Jim (Book - 1999 ) FICTION Fer Available in some locations

Annotation: The covert and controversial "Brides for Indians" program, launched by the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, is intended to help assimilate the Indians into the white man's world.

Roy Bean's Gold
Roy Bean's Gold A Western Story By Garwood, W. R. (Book - 2010 ) FICTION Gar Available in some locations

Annotation:He was to be a legend of the southwest once he became known as Judge Roy Bean, but here is the story of his early years and the experiences that shaped him in his quest for gold.

Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford By Hansen, Ron (Book - 2007 ) FICTION Han Available in some locations

Annotation:A fictionalized portrait of the legendary outlaw Jesse James, his violent career, and his murderer, Robert Ford, in an epic tale of the Old West.

Holmes on the Range
Holmes on the Range By Hockensmith, Steve (Book - 2006 ) FICTION Hoc Available in some locations

Annotation:Because 1893 is a tough year in Montana, any job is a good job. When Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer sign on as ranch hands at the secretive Bar VR cattle spread, they're not expecting much more than hard work, bad pay, and a comfortable campfire around which they can enjoy their favorite pastime: scouring Harper's Weekly for stories about the famous Sherlock Holmes

Loco By Hoffman, Lee (Book - 2008 ) FICTION Hof Available in some locations

Annotation:Loco never had to look for trouble, he just drifted into it. But this time it came out of the blue when a bullet dropped his horse from under him. He looked up into the barrel of a stranger's gun - and heard the click of the hammer being cocked.

Other Men's Horses
Other Men's Horses By Kelton, Elmer (Book - 2009 ) FICTION Kel Available in some locations

Annotation:Donley Bannister, a West Texas horse trader, has killed a thug named Cletus Slocum, who stole one of Bannister's horses. Ranger Pickard is ordered to find and arrest Bannister and bring him to trial. The Bannister case turns out to be anything but routine.

Etta A Novel By Kolpan, Gerald (Book - 2009 ) FICTION Kop Available in some locations

Annotation:Beautiful, elusive, and refined, Etta Place captivated the nation at the turn of the last century as she dodged the law with the Wild Bunch, led by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Her true identity and fate have remained a mystery that has tantalized historians for decades.

Lonesome Dove
Lonesome Dove By McMurtry, Larry (Book - 2000? ) FICTION McM Available in some locations

Annotation:Journey to the dusty little Texas town of Lonesome Dove and meet an unforgettable assortment of heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, Indians and settlers.

Dead Man's Money
Dead Man's Money By Meszaros, V. S. (Book - 2009 ) FICTION Mes Available in some locations

Annotation:The Bodine Gang pushed its way onto the westbound stage and by the time the shooting was done, the two witnesses to the killings had gotten away with twelve thousand dollars. The gang wanted the money, and Lyle Bodine wanted the girl, especially the girl.

A Tale Out of Luck
A Tale Out of Luck By Nelson, Willie (Book - 2008 ) FICTION Nel Available in some locations

Annotation:Retired Texas Ranger Captain Hank Tomlinson intends to spend the rest of his days raising cattle on his Broken Arrow Ranch, and nurturing his frontier town of Luck , Texas . But... the murder of a drifter bears a disturbing resemblance to a string of killings Hank remembers from his distant and violent past as a Texas Ranger.

Appaloosa By Parker, Robert B. (Book - 2010 ) FICTION Par Available in some locations

Annotation:When (itinerant lawmen) Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch arrive in Appaloosa, they find a small, dusty town suffering at the hands of renegade rancher Randall Bragg, a man who has so little regard for the law that he has taken supplies, horses, and women for his own and left the city marshal and one of his deputies for dead.

True Grit
True Grit By Portis, Charles (Book - 2010 ) FICTION Por Available in some locations

Annotation:Mattie Ross...is just fourteen...(when she) leaves home to avenge her father's blood. With the one-eyed Rooster Cogburn, the meanest available U.S. Marshal, by her side, Mattie pursues the homicide into Indian Territory.

Doc A Novel By Russell, Mary Doria (Book - 2011 ) FICTION Rus Available in some locations

Annotation:After the burned body of a mixed-blood boy, Johnnie Sanders, is discovered in 1878 Dodge City, Kansas, part-time policeman Wyatt Earp enlists the help of his professional-gambler friend Doc Holliday.

O.K The Corral, the Earps, and Doc Holliday : A Novel By West, Paul (Book - 2000 ) FICTION Wes Available in some locations

Annotation:(This book is about) that consumptive former dentist with the fast gun known as Doc Holliday. In this almost-biography, Doc is his own forever-thirsty, card-playing self, at his best when cared for by Katherine Haroney, the prostitute he called Big Nose Kate.

The Drop Edge of Yonder
The Drop Edge of Yonder By Wurlitzer, Rudolph (Book - 2008 ) FICTION Wur Available in some locations

Annotation:Begins in the mountains of Colorado and ends in the far reaches of the Northwest, a journey that includes the beginnings of a Mexican revolution, a voyage across the Gulf of Mexico to Panama, and up the coast of California to San Francisco and the gold fields.

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