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By Blood
By Blood By Ullman, Ellen Book - 2012 FICTION Ull Available in some locations

Annotation:San Francisco in the 1970s. Free love has given way to radical feminism, psychedelic ecstasy to hard-edged gloom. The Zodiac Killer stalks the streets. A disgraced professor takes an office in a downtown tower to plot his return. But the walls are thin and he's distracted by voices from next door...

The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia
The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia A Novel By Stefaniak, Mary Helen Book - 2010 FICTION Ste Available in some locations

Annotation:Eleven-year-old Gladys Califf and her Depression-era community are turned upside down when a worldly teacher, who is fascinated with all things Arabian, moves into the small town.

Crooked Numbers
Crooked Numbers By O'Mara, Tim Book - 2013 FICTION OMa Available in some locations

Annotation:When one of Raymond Donne's former students is found stabbed to death under the Williamsburg Bridge, Ray draws on his past as a cop to find the truth.

The Dancing Master
The Dancing Master By Klassen, Julie Book - 2013 FICTION Kla Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 3 copies

Annotation:Dancing master Alec Valcourt moved his mother and sister to remote Devonshire, hoping to start over. But he is stunned to learn the village matriarch has prohibited all dancing, for reasons buried deep in her past.

Death of the Black-haired Girl
Death of the Black-haired Girl By Stone, Robert Book - 2013 FICTION Sto Available in some locations

Annotation:Hoping to save his marriage by ending an illicit affair with an incandescent but difficult student, college professor Steven Brookman discovers that the young woman's passions are not easily curtailed.

Death Rides Again
Death Rides Again By Hamrick, Janice Book - 2013 FICTION Ham Available in some locations

Annotation:Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore had been looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at her Uncle Kel's ranch, but her visit takes an unexpected turn when she discovers Uncle Kel threatening his son-in-law Eddy with a shotgun.

Diary of A Mad Fat Girl
Diary of A Mad Fat Girl By McAfee, Stephanie Book - 2012 FICTION McA Available in some locations

Annotation:Gracelia "Ace" Jones is a sassy high school teacher, known in her small town of Bugtussle, Mississippi, for an outsize presence and a mouth to match. But this time that big mouth might get her into big trouble.

Dominance By Lavender, Will Book - 2011 FICTION Lav Available in some locations

Annotation:Attending a controversial literary mystery night class taught by a professor who has been convicted of murder, Alex Shipley unravels an elaborate literary hoax that acquits the teacher, only for her to be targeted years later by a determined killer.

English as A Second Language
English as A Second Language By Crane, Megan Book - 2004 FICTION Cra Available in some locations

Annotation:A young New York woman exchanges her corporate job for a year of books, blokes, beers, and new best friends in graduate school in England.

The Finkler Question
The Finkler Question By Jacobson, Howard Book - 2010 FICTION Jac Available in some locations

Annotation:A funny, furious, and unflinching novel of friendship and loss, exclusion and belonging, and the wisdom and humanity of maturity.

Hummingbirds A Novel By Gaylord, Joshua A. Book - 2010 FICTION Gay Available in some locations

Annotation:A novel about the intertwining and darkly surprising relationships at the elite Carmine-Casey School for Girls on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where the rivalries and secrets of teachers and students intersect and eventually collide.

Losing to Win
Losing to Win By Grant, Michele Book - 2013 FICTION Gra Available in some locations

Annotation:The small town of Belle Haven, Louisiana, is still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill, and its residents will do whatever it takes to get it back on its feet. So when local English teacher Carissa Melody Wayne is asked to appear on the weight-loss reality show Losing to Win, she agrees.

Mrs. God
Mrs. God By Straub, Peter Book - 2012 FICTION Str Available in some locations

Annotation:When Professor William Standish receives the rare honor of an Esswood Fellowship, and the chance to study Isobel's private manuscripts at close hand, he is thrilled beyond his wildest ambitions. But something seems slightly off at Esswood House.

Potboiler By Kellerman, Jesse Book - 2012 FICTION Kel Available in some locations

Annotation:Arthur Pfefferkorn, is a middle-aged college professor with long dead literary aspirations. When his oldest friend, successful thriller writer William de Vallee, is lost at sea, Pfefferkorn is torn between envy and grief, for de Vallee not only outshone Pfefferkorn professionally, but married the woman Pfefferkorn loved.

The Rosie Project
The Rosie Project By Simsion, Graeme C. Book - 2013 FICTION Sim All copies in use Availability details Holds: 33 on 8 copies

Annotation:Don Tillman, a professor of genetics, sets up a project designed to find him the perfect wife, starting with a questionnaire that has to be adjusted a little as he goes along. Then he meets Rosie, who is everything he's not looking for...

Sandrine's Case
Sandrine's Case By Cook, Thomas H. Book - 2013 FICTION Coo Available in some locations

Annotation:Samuel Madison always wondered what Sandrine saw in him. He's a meek, stuffy doctorate student, and she's a brilliant, beautiful bohemian with limitless talent and imagination.

Thinks By Lodge, David Book - 2001 FICTION Lod Available in some locations

Annotation:Artificial intelligence pundit Ralph and literary novelist Helen, recently widowed, aren't supposed to be attracted to each other but they are.

Unfinished Desires
Unfinished Desires A Novel By Godwin, Gail Book - 2009 FICTION God Available in some locations

Annotation:Sparking enthusiasm for a play about the founding of their North Carolina mountains Catholic girls' school, a charismatic ninth grader and her recently orphaned best friend set in motion a series of events that have decades-long ramifications.

What Was She Thinking?
What Was She Thinking? Notes on A Scandal By Heller, Zoë Book - 2003 FICTION Hel Available in some locations

Annotation:A lonely schoolteacher reveals more than she intends when she records the story of her best friend's affair with a pupil.

The Whole Golden World
The Whole Golden World By Riggle, Kristina Book - 2013 FICTION Rig Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventeen-year-old Morgan Monetti shocks her parents and her community with one simple act.

The Woman Upstairs
The Woman Upstairs A Novel By Messud, Claire Book - 2013 FICTION Mes Available in some locations

Annotation:Nora Eldridge, a 37-year-old elementary school teacher in Cambridge, Massachusetts...has become the 'woman upstairs', a reliable friend and tidy neighbor always on the fringe of others' achievements.

The Writing Class
The Writing Class By Willett, Jincy Book - 2009 FICTION Wil Available in some locations

Annotation:Amy Gallup was a promising writer once--published and highly praised at twenty-two. Now...she teaches a writing workshop at the local university extension. And this semester begins just the same as the others. But then...

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