CRRL Picks: Bend Without Breaking: Meditation for Health and Stress Relief

Be the Change
Be the Change How Meditation Can Transform You and the World By Shapiro, Eddie Book - 2009 158.12 Sh All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Meditation is now enjoying a renewed surge of popularity, penetrating the public consciousness as never before. What might that mean for us all? Be the Change examines the transformations wrought by this ancient practice through the wisdom of extraordinary luminaries, interwoven with text from award-winning authors Ed and Deb Shapiro. (Catalog summary)

Beat Stress With Meditation
Beat Stress With Meditation By Ozaniec, Naomi Book - 2010 158.12 Oz All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Provides a practical, step-by-step introduction to meditating with guide and progressive exercises throughout, and is suitable even if you have never meditated before. (Catalog summary)

The Blooming of A Lotus
The Blooming of A Lotus Guided Meditation Exercises for Healing and Transformation By Nhất Hạnh Book - 1993 294.3 Nh Available in some locations

Annotation:Based in the practices of conscious breathing and mindfulness, the thirty-four guided exercises in this new meditation manual bring beginning and experienced practitioners alike into closer touch with the state of our physical bodies, our inner selves, and the elements of the world around us. (Worldcat)

Finding the Quiet
Finding the Quiet Four Simple Steps to Peace and Contentment, Without Spending the Rest of your Life on A Mountaintop By Wilson, Paul Book - 2009 158.12 Wi Available in some locations

Annotation:A powerful book to help you move from chaos into tranquillity, from hecticness into peace, and from stress into joy-written by the man known as "the guru of calm." The Quiet" is a place where you can't be touched by the noise and tensions of the modern world. A place where, no matter what's happening around you, you have time and space to breathe. Some people spend a lifetime of meditation practice and spiritual studies searching for it. The practices in Finding the Quiet are based on four simple steps that transform the way you feel and what you get out of life. Following these techniques can lead to: * peace of mind * clarity of thought * emotional stability * physical well-being We are also including A Piece of the Quiet , which provides fast and easy highlights for when you need a quick moment of calm. Whether you are a novice at meditation or a lifetime practitioner, the strategies presented in Finding the Quiet are powerful tools to take you where you want to be. (Catalog summary)

Five Good Minutes in the Evening
Five Good Minutes in the Evening 100 Mindful Practices to Help You Unwind From the Day & Make the Most of your Night By Brantley, Jeffrey Book - 2006 158.12 Br All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:From the authors of Five Good Minutes , this collection of mindfulness exercises, positive visualizations, and affirmations can become a powerful force for change in your life. In no time at all, the five good minutes you give yourself in the evening can help you transform the mundane into the extraordinary and renew your vitality and passion for life. (Catalog summary)

Guided Mindfulness Meditation
Guided Mindfulness Meditation By Kabat-Zinn, Jon Audiobook CD - 2005 1.5812 Ka All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Perhaps no other person has done more to bring mindfulness meditation into the contemporary landscape of America than Jon Kabat-Zinn. Through a number of research studies, and through Kabat-Zinn's pioneering work at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where he is founder of its world-renowned Stress Reduction Clinic, mindfulness is finally being recognized as a highly effective tool for dealing with stress, chronic pain, and other illnesses. Now with this four-part home training course, Jon Kabat-Zinn offers listeners the definitive mindfulness meditation practice on CD. We are not trying to actively achieve a state of deep relaxation-or any other state for that matter-while practicing mindfulness, he teaches. But interestingly, by opening to an awareness of how things actually are in the present moment, we often taste very deep states of relaxation and well-being of both body and mind. (Catalog summary)

How to Meditate
How to Meditate A Practical Guide to Making Friends With your Mind By Chödrön, Pema Book - 2013 294.3443 Ch Available in some locations

Annotation:This step-by-step guide shows readers how to honestly meet and openly relate with the mind, embrace the fullness of our experience, and live in a wholehearted way as we discover: The basics of meditation, from getting settled and the six points of posture to working with your breath and cultivating an attitude of unconditional friendliness; The Seven Delights-how moments of difficulty can become doorways to awakening and love; Shamatha (or calm abiding), the art of stabilizing the mind to remain present with whatever arise; Thoughts and emotions as "sheer delight"-instead of obstacles-in meditation. (Worldcat)

How to Meditate
How to Meditate [a Pratical Guide to Making Friends With your Mind] By Chödrön, Pema Audiobook CD - 2007 1.5812 Ch Available in some locations

Annotation:An introductory audio course on meditation presented by a Tibetan Buddhist nun, emphasizing: the practice of mindfulness; the importance of gentleness, patience, and humor; Shamantha (or calm abiding), the art of stabilizing the mind to remain present under any conditions; thoughts and emotions as "sheer delight" in meditation. (Worldcat)

Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation
Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation By Singh, Rajendra Book - 2007 204.35 Ra Available in some locations

Annotation:Meditation is the surest route to inner peace, explains Singh, and is available to everyone regardless of age, health, culture, education or religion. This easy-to-use guide discusses the many benefits of meditation and includes simple exercises to help readers along the path to self-discovery. By cultivating peace in our own lives, we can create peace and harmony in the world around us. (

Meditation for Beginners
Meditation for Beginners By Kornfield, Jack Book - 2008 158.12 Ko All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Offers a step-by-step method for bringing the fruits of meditation into one's life, enabling readers to create tranquility and loving kindness every day. (Worldcat)

Meditation Secrets for Women
Meditation Secrets for Women Discovering your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace By Maurine, Camille Book - 2001 158.12 Ma All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A female-centered approach to meditation and reflection offers a collection of meditations and creative exercises designed to help women tap into their feminine power in order to achieve fulfillment, joy, and self-awareness. (Worldcat)

Mind in the Balance
Mind in the Balance Meditation in Science, Buddhism, and Christianity By Wallace, B. Alan Book - 2009 158.12 Wa Available in some locations

Annotation:By establishing a dialogue in which the meditative practices of Buddhism and Christianity speak to the theories of modern philosophy and science, B. Alan Wallace reveals the theoretical similarities underlying these disparate disciplines and their unified approach to making sense of the objective world. (Catalog summary)

The Miracle of Mindfulness
The Miracle of Mindfulness An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation By Nhất Hạnh Book - 1987 294.3 Nh Available in some locations

Annotation:In this beautiful and lucid guide, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers gentle anecdotes and practical exercise as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness--being awake and fully aware. From washing the dishes to answering the phone to peeling an orange, he reminds us that each moment holds within it an opportunity to work toward greater self-understanding and peacefulness. (Catalog summary)

Quiet Mind
Quiet Mind A Beginner's Guide to Meditation Book - 2008 294.344 Qu Available in some locations

Annotation:This unique book-and-audio program brings together some of the country's most beloved meditation teachers. Each contributor presents a short written teaching along with an audio recording of a guided practice. (Catalog summary)

Real Happiness
Real Happiness The Power of Meditation : A 28-day Program By Salzberg, Sharon Book - 2011 204.35 Sa Available in some locations

Annotation:Thousands of years prove it, and Western science backs it: Meditation sharpens focus. Meditation lowers blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress. Meditation helps us experience greater calm. Meditation connects us to our inner-most feelings and challenges our habits of self-judgment. Meditation helps protect the brain against aging and improves our capacity for learning new things. Meditation opens the door to real and accessible happiness. There is no better person to show a beginner how to harness the power of meditation than Sharon Salzberg, one of the world's foremost meditation teachers and spiritual authors. Cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society, author of Lovingkindness , Faith , and other books, Ms. Salzberg distills 30 years of teaching meditation into a 28-day program that will change lives. It is not about Buddhism, it's not esoteric--it is closer to an exercise, like running or riding a bike. From the basics of posture, breathing, and the daily schedule to the finer points of calming the mind, distraction, dealing with specific problem areas (pain in the legs? falling asleep?) to the larger issues of compassion and awareness, Real Happiness is a complete guide. It explains how meditation works; why a daily meditation practice results in more resiliency, creativity, peace, clarity, and balance; and gives twelve meditation practices, including mindfulness meditation and walking meditation. An extensive selection of her students' FAQs cover the most frequent concerns of beginners who meditate--"Is meditation selfish?" "How do I know if I'm doing it right?" "Can I use meditation to manage weight?" (Catalog summary)

Simply Meditation
Simply Meditation By Lauren, Lynne Book - 2010 615.852 La All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:In this hectic world, we all need a moment to calm and re-center our minds and bodies. Meditation provides a natural way to do just that, and to open ourselves to the positive influences that surround us each day. This newest entry in the successful "Simply"(R)series takes beginners through the various steps of meditation, from choosing a location and focusing your mind to the various mediation methods, symbols, and psychic and religious connections. Many of the meditations are quick and easy, and some can even be done on the go. Beautiful illustrations and tip boxes throughout guide readers down the serene path as they de-stress and balance the flow of the mind. (Worldcat)

Wherever You Go, There You Are
Wherever You Go, There You Are Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life By Kabat-Zinn, Jon Book - 2005 158.12 Ka Available in some locations

Annotation:In this book, the author maps out a simple path for cultivating mindfulness in one's own life. It speaks both to those coming to meditation for the first time and to longtime practitioners, anyone who cares deeply about reclaiming the richness of his or her moments. (Publisher description)

Why Meditate?
Why Meditate? Book - 2001 158.12 Wh Available in some locations

Annotation:Editor Clint Willis has gathered twenty-five pieces, each of which answers the question "Why meditate?" from a different perspective....This book is written for those who have only heard of meditation and want to know more, as well as beginning and experienced meditators who wish to deepen and broaden their practice. (Catalog summary)

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More and more, studies are showing that meditation is beneficial to your health. These books will show you how to meditate and how it benefits your body and mind.