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Annotation:Biographical approaches to history and culture. All lectures are open to the public free of charge; no tickets are required. Programs begin at 7:30 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium in George Washington Hall.

Augustus Introduction to the Life of An Emperor By Galinsky, Karl Book - 2012 921 Augus Available in some locations

Annotation:"This is an excellent book, packed with information. Galinsky has done it again, offering a superbly useful volume for a new generation of readers hungering for knowledge about the Augustan milieu and the life of Augustus. This book offers both of those features, for it is much more than a biography." - RogueClassicism

Antony and Cleopatra
Antony and Cleopatra By Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith Book - 2010 920 Go Available in some locations

Annotation:"They are arguably the most famous lovers in history... Their love affair, their war together, their defeat and, finally, their suicides have been told and retold for centuries. But most of those retellings have been far from accurate, according to author and historian Adrian Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy, author of Antony and Cleopatra, describes the couple's true story and why so much of what we know about them is wrong." - NPR

The Aeneid
The Aeneid By Virgil Book - 2006 873 Vi Available in some locations

Annotation:"Fagles's new version of Virgil's epic delicately melds the stately rhythms of the original to a contemporary cadence. Having previously produced well-received translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey, he illuminates the poem's Homeric echoes while remaining faithful to Virgil's distinctive voice." - The New Yorker

The Battle That Stopped Rome
The Battle That Stopped Rome Emperor Augustus, Arminius, and the Slaughter of the Legions in the Teutoburg Forest By Wells, Peter S. Book - 2003 936.302 We All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"The loss of three legions to Rome when it was in its prime came as a shock in ways that are difficult to appreciate. Wells does a superb job of explaining the history, context, and shares as much detail as we have available to us. He then takes an additional step to bring the reader into the battle itself in a story that does an excellent job of helping the reader imagine the conditions under which three legions were lost to history. It’s a fine telling and well worth the read." - The Wargamer

Caesars' Wives
Caesars' Wives Sex, Power, and Politics in the Roman Empire By Freisenbruch, Annelise Book - 2010 920 Fr Available in some locations

Annotation:"In Caesars’ Wives: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Roman Empire, Annelise Freisenbruch pulls back the veil on these fascinating women in Rome’s power circles, giving them the chance to speak for themselves for the first time. With impeccable scholarship and arresting storytelling, Freisenbruch brings their personalities vividly to life, from notorious Livia and scandalous Julia to Christian Helena." - Simon & Schuster

Give Me Back My Legions!
Give Me Back My Legions! By Turtledove, Harry Book - 2009 FICTION Tur Available in some locations

Annotation:"A delightful piece of historical fiction... This novel, Give Me Back My Legions! is rather unlike any of his other works which I have encountered, in that this one is just straight historical fiction. There are no aliens here, no time travel. In fact, there are no science fictional or fantastic elements at all. This is a pure Roman historical novel." - SciFi Signal

I, Claudius
I, Claudius DVD - 2000 7.9145 I1 Available in some locations

Annotation:"What an experience it must have been to have seen I, Claudius when it first aired on the BBC some 35 years ago. It is one of the most exquisitely staged and acted programs I have ever seen. And in those pre-cable days, it was also magnificently risqué." - Blogcritics

The Ides
The Ides Caesar's Murder and the War for Rome By Dando-Collins, Stephen Book - 2010 937.05 Da Available in some locations

Annotation:"A compelling history that is packed with intrigue and written with the pacing of a first-rate mystery, The Ides will challenge what you think you know about Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire." - ChristianBook

Julia Augusti
Julia Augusti The Emperor's Daughter By Fantham, Elaine eBook - 2006 921 Julia Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:"This scholarly biography details the life of an extraordinary woman in an extraordinary society. Julia Augusti studies the life of the only daughter of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, and the father who sacrificed his daughter and her children in order to establish a dynasty." - Google

Livia, Empress of Rome
Livia, Empress of Rome A Biography By Dennison, Matthew Book - 2011 921 Livia Available in some locations

Annotation:“Matthew Dennison puts up a valiant defence of Empress Livia. His well-researched biography is full of delightful domestic detail, such as that a new-born Roman baby was placed first in a beam of sunlight. But for all his ingenious defence, I suspect the wicked witch of imperial Rome will never be transformed into a virtuous housewife.” - The daily Mail

The Twelve Caesars
The Twelve Caesars By Suetonius Book - 1980 920 Su All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"As private secretary to the Emperor Hadrian, Suetonius gained access to the imperial archives & used them along with eye-witness accounts to produce one of the most colorful biographical works in history. The Twelve Caesars chronicles the public careers & private lives of the men who wielded absolute power over Rome, from the foundation of the empire under Julius Caesar & Augustus, to the decline into depravity & civil war under Nero." - Goodreads

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