Hugo Award

A group of awards presented annually by the World Science Fiction Society for the best science fiction or fantasy works.

11 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
A Memory Called Empire Book - 2019 Tor FICTION Mar
The Calculating Stars Book - 2018 Tom Doherty Associates FICTION Kow
The Stone Sky Book - 2017 Orbit FICTION Jem
The Obelisk Gate Book - 2016 Orbit FICTION Jem
The Fifth Season Book - 2015 Orbit FICTION Jem
The Three-body Problem Book - 2014 Tor Books FICTION Liu
Ancillary Justice Book - 2013 Orbit FICTION Lec
Redshirts Book - 2012 Tor FICTION Sca
Among Others Book - 2012 Tor FICTION Wal
Blackout Book - 2010 Spectra Ballantine Books FICTION Wil
The City & the City Book - 2010 Del Rey Ballantine Books FICTION Mie
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