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kelly_williams Jul 23, 2017

I just can't make up my mind, whether I like this book or not. I don't think I do, to be honest- I won't read it again. While it is thought-provoking, it's really only in a Handmaid's Tale kind of way. I couldn't help but see the similarities between the two books.
The lingo starts out hard to understand, and then you'll find yourself thinking in their terms.
I really thought that this book would be wildly different than it was. The religious tones were strange to me- was the author a fan of cult-like experiences, or not? Is she mocking them, or not?
It was entertaining enough to finish, but not to buy, or read again.

Jun 24, 2017

this book is really fun but kind of hard to understand in some parts. Once you catch on it is fun though

mmg2681 Sep 01, 2014

I had a hard time getting into the book, but once I did, I couldnt stop reading it. Very interesting, even though it left you guessing at the very end! I want to know how the story continues! :-)

Dec 24, 2013

Megan McCafferty’s “Bumped” is an interesting read. The plot, theme and characters are very different then our time now. It is very interesting to learn about these characters. The two main characters; Melody and Harmony, are identical twin sisters who have been separated at birth. Both of them have not met until one day, Harmony shows up on Melody’s doorstep. Both twins have been very different from each others lives! Melody scored an enviable conception contract with a daring couple called the Jaydens. While the Jaydens were searching for a perfect partner for Melody to “bump” with, she was fighting for her attraction to her best friend, Zen. Zen by the way is too short for her job! On the other hand, Harmony has spent her whole life in Good-Side, a religious community preparing to be a wife and mother. When Melody is finally matched with the world-famous, genetically flawless Jonoe, both girls’ lives change forever. This book will surely give you the excitement desired! It is simply “brilliant, innovative, and slightly terrifying” – Carolyn Macker. Brilliant because the whole idea of the book was just mind-blowing. It very different from the real world, which gave it an exciting push. Terrifying because, in the real world it was not a very good thing to be pregnant at such a young age! But apparently you had to be pregnant at that age in this book! I would recommend this book to anyone because it is just a roller coaster ride. You are going to love reading it!

Dec 01, 2013

This book was interesting to read. From the description, I wasn't so sure, but I did end up enjoying it; another book I read in a day. I hope Ms. McCafferty does write a sequel, because I really want to know what happens with Harmony and Ram, and Melody and Zen.

Jul 31, 2013

It was slow to begin with then it started getting exciting and interesting i think its a pretty good book but i hated the ending..but i dont know if there is a sequel though, but anyway its a good book read it!! i give like 3 1/2 to 4 stars. =)

Jul 17, 2013

I haven`t read this yet but I`m planning to. For those of you who obviously loved it: the idea is not original, as I remember reading a similar novel in university called the Handmaid`s Tale.

Apr 18, 2013

This book was extremely thought-provoking and maintained a core of warmth that kept me tied. I enjoyed how societal and familial themes were targeted in such an unexpected world of breeding.

Mar 30, 2013

Very interesting story kinda of werid. But wants to make you read more to figure this out

Jan 15, 2013

The idea behind this story was interesting. A mysterious virus leaving those over 18 unable to have children and instead rely on teens to do it for them. It really changes the view on teen pregnancy. Teens are encouraged to have sex and babies for profit and are actually doing it in order to achieve a better education. As Melody and Harmony come to discover each other and the harsh realities of teen pregnancies and the adult society selling off their daughters bodies to the highest bidder. I was a bit confused with all the new lingo and the society in general. Though we know it takes place in the future (2036) we don't learn much about the technologies (MiNet, Auto drive cars etc.) besides what the characters share, which isn't much since they all know what it is.

bookgeek101 Dec 29, 2012

I liked this book alot! I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I was so shocked with the middle and had to finish it! I finished it in under 5 hours. It is very good and I can't wait to read Thumped! Recommend this to people who like Dystopian and exciting books!

Dec 27, 2012


Jul 07, 2012

First heard about this book from a student. I was intrigued by the idea of a society where teenagers were encouraged, even pressured, to "bump" (procreate) in order to make up the child birth deficit brought on by a mysterious Virus. The author tries to use slangy terms that are meant to capture teenagers, but the effect falls short and I found it annoying. Also, the plot twists were incredibly implausible: Switched at birth identical twins! She's in love with her best friend, not the boy she's been set up for! Mistaken identities! Ew.

Jun 19, 2012

You have to read this book - although a bit slow to begin with - once you get through the first chapter or so you are hooked. It deals with teen pregnancy in such a unique way in a society where teen pregnancies = power and wealth and where parents are selling off their teens virginity to the highest bidder. It was probably one of the best young adult books I have read in the last few years.

Jun 03, 2012

This was a really good book! It kept me wanting to read more, and I'm very excited to read the sequel. Megan McCafferty did a great job with the two narrative voices. Melody and Harmony were unique. She tackled so many issues in this book, it's amazing. Sex, pregnancy, religion. I was thinking it was only going to be a 4-star book, but I couldn't not give it five. This book is for seriously breedy!

Dec 18, 2011

It's a very good book, though at times, the references can make you want to throw up. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys dystopian fiction (i.e., The Hunger Games and The City of Ember). The lingo that they have in this book is sometimes laughable and not always believable. (For example: they say 'neggy' for negative.) You might like this book if you like thinking about the future as well. I'd give it 4/5 stars.

Aug 15, 2011

The idea of the dystopian society where most girls cannot have children after the age of 18 struck me as slightly odd from the beginning, but I was interested to see where McCafferty would go with it. The switching narrator confused me for a good half of the book- as long as the girls were in the same place, it seemed unnecessary. The alternating view was nice to find out the other twin's reaction, but that information could have easily come from other places. The plot was predictable, so the characters make or break the book. Harmony frustrated me from the moment she set foot on Melody's porch. Melody was boring, a stereotypical girl trying to be popular in high school. Zen was the only character worthy of recognition. I must say that I caution anyone who considers themselves innocent from reading this because, although McCafferty put as little explicit material as she possibly could with that society, Bumped still had a number of things I wouldn't want my little sister thinking about.


Not a good book! The characters are shallow and there is virtually no story line.

Jul 17, 2011

it was interesting and funny :) just got a bit confused with all the technology and what, exactly, they were.

eager for the sequel.

LocketLibrarian May 15, 2011

Not the best of the new wave of dystopian fiction, but fans of Uglies might be intrigued by the Bumped lingo.

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