Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

DVD - 2012
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The year is 1907. It is ten years after the Phantom's disappearance from the Paris Opera House. He has escaped to a new life in New York, where he lives among the screaming joy rides and freak-shows of Coney Island. In this new electrically charged world, he has finally found a place for his music to soar. All that is missing is his love - Christine Daae. Now one of the world's finest sopranos, Christine is struggling in an ailing marriage to Raoul.


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Jun 21, 2018

I honestly feel like if you pretend it isn't a sequel to The phantom of the Opera you will like it better.

I know this story is supposed to take place like a decade later but everyone, every character, is 100% different. A lot can happen in that time but they were totally different people that life seems to have smashed all trace of happiness and hope out of. The only thing that really stayed the same was the phantom's obsession.

There are a few memorable songs just go in thinking of it as more of a stand alone than a sequel. I watched it a few times and will watch it again.

Mar 21, 2015

I felt it glorified infidelity. I felt sorry for the husband.

Vilka Feb 10, 2015

Mixed feelings on this sequel to the Phantom of the Opera. It's 10 years after the Phantom fled Paris and he's gone from being basically the lord of a Baroque palace of an opera-house to...running a carnie-show on Coney Island?! This is the story in which everybody's dirty laundry comes out, and it feels a lot like fan-fiction. Some continuity problems with the original, since they *completely* rewrote the nature of the relationship between the Phantom & Christine. There are maybe three stand-out good songs here, compared to the almost-everything of the original. That said, despite the weirdness, there was some good acting and it *did* get some feels out of me by the end, and I felt compelled to watch it again. Don't think I'd go see it on stage (original Phantom all the way!), but it's worth a watch on DVD.

Dec 09, 2014

I agree that it threw me for a loop at first,and I didn't know what to make of it either. I found,days after
seeing it that the "Love Never Dies" tune sung by Christine Daae was firmly planted in my mind,so I felt compelled to watch it again. Perhaps the ultimate test of how a film touches you is your desire to watch it again..and much like the obsession the Phantom holds for Christine(and she for him)there is an obsession that fans of The Phantom feel for the story,and a certain loyalty to all things concerning it. (To date, Gerard Butler's screen portrayal of the Phantom is still my favourite.) I don't like how either Mdme. Giry or Meg are portrayed in this...but If you are interested in the connection between The Phantom and his Christine,it's still well worth the initial jarring nature of the movie's relocation to the camp that is Coney Island.

Apr 11, 2013

This is a sequel to Andrew Lyod Webber's sensation "The Phantom of the Opera." I didn't know what to think of it at first -- I'd heard of it, and wanted to see it for the only reason that it was a Phantom sequel. My sister didn't have high anticipation; she thought it would ruin the entire story. When I first saw it, I didn't like the beginning part of it. The music was very Broadway and not very operaish. The Phantom's mysteriousness had vanished and his humanness was too stark and practical -- he'd already let Christine go in the original stage musical, now he wanted her back. Now I understand; it's his obsession about her, and he couldn't live without her. I didn't like how Roaol has suddenly become a mean, hard, annoying drunkard, and Christine's marriage with him was suffering. And Meg. She was like a cabaret singer/dancer who was very emotional, messed up and loose. Some songs I found really wierd at first. Then I watched it again and again. I came to appreciate it. There's some very beautiful imagery and music in it, and now that I think of it, the plot and the characters aren't too overdone. I like how Christine dies at the end, and Gustave (named after Christine's father, but very similar to his lovely mother) unmasks the Phantom for the last time, out of love, not disgust. I'm glad some music from the original was included. Overall, very impressive and daring. Beautifully done -- it does (in some aspects) do justice to the first Phantom. But you don't have to agree with the end if you don't want to. Of course, Webber's original was the best. See Love Never Dies anyway, just to give it a go. The most important thing is that Andrew Lloyd Webber is proud of what he has accomplished.

Feb 21, 2013

this is basiclly phantom of the opera 2

Feb 20, 2013

Admittedly, I'm not the right audience for something like this, seeing as how I think musicals would be more tolerable if not for all that singing. That, and I've never seen Phantom on the stage, and wouldn't care to. Andrew Lloyd Webber hasn't had a hit in years, and instead of taking a hint and retiring, he decided to go back to what was his last hit, Phantom of the Opera, and come up with a sequel. This despite the fact that the story wrapped up things in a way that didn't require a sequel. Well, there's no life in this retread, with a love triangle involving a cranky count, his torn wife, and a more possessive than ever scarred nutcase who seems to have issues with letting go. Even the supporting characters seem irritated. The performers themselves give it what they've got, but they're hampered by this soulless, unneeded train wreck Webber gave them.

gilpinet3 Dec 28, 2012

Musical theatre's equivalent to "Star Wars: Episode I." This is an example of an amazingly talented team of people working on a terrible project. Webber's sequel to his beloved "Phantom" is middling at best. The plot, the songs, and the characters are all best described as stupid. However, everyone else brings wonderful artistry to the table. The sets are complex and beautiful, the lights and costumes are gorgeous, and the performers are fantastic. Where Webber relies on nostalgia for his better work, everyone else gives it their all. My accolades as well as my condolences to this amazing Australian production team. Sir Andrew has given us quite enough.

No catchy songs, no reveal of the Phantom's face (when his mask's removed twice), has continuity problems with Phantom of the Opera...I have mixed emotions about the ending, didn't like how Meg was portrayed. Even though PotO has some distrubing parts, it's a better play IMO.

Oct 27, 2012

Love Never Dies is a beautiful, heart wrenching musical, which is filmed so one feels that they are onstage! The Chirstine is utterly breathtaking, the Gustave utterly adorable. The Phantom is as dark and soul thrlling as ever. I love that old POTO songs show up from time to time, especially "Twisted Every Way". Overall this is a great addition to the Phantom's story and I highly recommend watching it.

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Jul 24, 2012

"We love, we live. We give what we can give, and take, what little we deserve."


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