Meerkat Manor
Meerkat Manor Flower of the Kalahari By Clutton-Brock, T. H. Book - 2007

Because they are so cute and cuddly looking - You may find yourself seriously considering acquiring a meerkat as a house-pet - But - Whatever you do - Don't act on this un-cool impulse.

Meerkats (who are not domesticated) make terrible pets. You'll find out much more info on this subject when you read through this enlightening book about these amusing, little animals.

To be sure - Meerkats are definitely one of the most fascinating and enjoyable-to-observe creatures in this biologically diverse world of ours. They really are.

This wonderful, well-researched book (that includes lots of great, full-colour photos) tells you everything that you've ever wanted to know about meerkats, but just didn't know who to ask.

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