The Telling Room
The Telling Room A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese By Paterniti, Michael Book - 2013

A stirring, glowing monument to the stories of our lives, beginning in curiosity, developed in confusion, and completed in transcendence. On the surface, Paterniti’s story is about a cheesemaker in a tiny village in the Castile region of Spain. Ambrosio Molinos turned out to be a larger-than-life philosopher and storyteller, with a long tale of why he was no longer making the fabulous cheese which had won awards all over Europe. Ambrosio’s philosophy was that of a simple life where you knew the people who made the cheese, and the wine, and the food you were eating. But Ambrosio had a dark side, when he talked about his closest friend who had betrayed him and cost him the company which made the cheese.

Paterniti was so fascinated by Ambrosio, his village, and his friends, that he moved his family to Guzmán for 6 months to live the simple life and to work on a book about the cheese and its story. But also it also became his own story, as he tried to figure out what kind of life he and his family wanted to live. This is a wonderful book, full of history and philosophy, but also full of the joy of people who live together and who make what they eat.

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