100% on Rotten tomatoes?! Shocked. Why? This movie was so incredibly boring I had to switch it off.
It has nothing to do with a romance, was too prosaic. Did not like the actors and their acting. The dialog was boring, dull and plain simple. Come on, who would share such awkward conversations lacking big ideas, perhaps kids in the kindergarten?! This was not my cup of tea.
It felt like watching a documentary about someone's daily routine: getting up in the morning just to have a cup of coffee, do his clerk work, have lousy lunch finished with lousier dinner and quick sex with a spouse and do all the boring activities such flushing a toilet between sunrise and sunset. Yes, we do not see this in recent Hollywood movies, but who wants to watch this ordinary boring stuff, if we have it/do it daily, really?
Like the scene at a cemetery when the woman character states standing at the 13 year old girl's grave: "I was 13 years old like this girl, now I'm ten years older - funny". Really? I guess I missed the point. I missed this movie and I'm glad: it would be waste of my time finishing watching it.
I finished watching the new movie "Beast" last night - now, that was a rocket. Hope that gets 100% on Rotten tomatoes along with few Oscars!

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