Though the title to this Greek mythology mash-up is a bit underwhelming, Scott Turow has devised a clever, modern-age take on two twin Greek-American brothers, Cass and Paul… (yes, Castor and Pollux) who are bound together in mysterious ways in 21st-century Kindle County.

Boasting the third biggest “Greek” population of any city in the world, Chicago is a perfect place to set this tale about mortals and the gods, replete with a bigger-than-life real estate developer named Zeus Kronon, his stunning tease of a daughter “Dita” (=Aphrodite)—who does not end well, and Greek-style revenge… There’s a lot about Greek moms and their sons.

Turow plays the twin conceit for all its worth, sharing research on how fingerprints and DNA of “identical twins” might actually differ at the micro level. Plot twists related to the twins, and to the passions of the two Greek mothers, keep readers guessing till the end.

Overall, Henry Leyva’s delivery is pretty good. Noteworthy is his rendering of Aunt Teri’s witty repartee, which is laugh-out-loud funny.

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