If I Was your Girl
If I Was your Girl By Russo, Meredith Downloadable Audiobook - 2016

A powerful book that is not for young readers, for 15 and older. (unless you parents read it first).

This book led to many good conversations with my older students, who introduced me to it.

Amanda moves to a small town in Tennessee after a violent encounter in Atlanta. Emotions start at a simmer and soon run to a full boil, as we learn her story. This is a powerful story about a transgender teen, and the emotions, obstacles, and triumphs she encounters through her transformation.

After a break down and attempted suicide, Amanda moves to get a fresh start. In a new home, in a new town, and reintroduced to her (once upon a time) father, she finally has the opportunity to live as her true self. She makes new friends, finds the inner strength she is looking for, and resolves her relationship with her father. Finally, parent angst is pushed aside as she begins the first romance of her life.

This book was a pleasant surprise to me. I read it a few summers ago, and at times it made me cry along with Amanda.

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