The Last Girl on Earth’, the title sounds like something which is far away and something which probably the people living right now won’t experience. This doesn’t mean that this book was any less believable. To write a book about something that you could just dismiss as being fake and making people actually believe that it could happen in real life is a very difficult task. Writing romantic novels or action novels are easy nowadays as there are hundreds of movies on how a guy meets a girl, it is becoming quite repetitive. There are also a lot of alien movies and books now, as the human fascination with what could happen never ends. But this book was unique and was told in a brilliant way. The aliens weren’t just made the bad people and humans just fighting against them. This was a book told authentically, with some aliens hating humans and some embracing them as their own. The struggle that the human girl went through just to pass as someone else told us that is much easier to be just yourself, instead of trying to copy someone else as you might fool them but you can’t fool yourself. This book was about the last human girl left on Earth in the middle of all the aliens who took over her homeland. Her alien father who adopted her as soon as aliens took over carefully protects her and trains her in skills essential to her survival. Even though she copies how the aliens behave, they are much smarter and stronger than she could ever be, no matter hard she tries. But she has something no alien will ever have- a heart. She feels pain and happiness and she cares about family and is afraid to leave them behind unlike the Abdoloreans who are raised in a way that prepares them for isolation. Li finally find a guy, Dave, who accepts her and her secrets without Li having to fear for her life. He understands her and deeply cares about her, even though humans and aliens were enemies. That is the one good thing I really liked about this book that at the end Dave was ready to leave his family and his life back and go anywhere that she wanted to go and the fact that he knew she was a human and yet loved her for what she was on the inside. He did not care that she was supposedly his enemy and just did what his heart wanted to do. He loved someone who was different than him and that is what Canada believes in- diversity so that message was amazing. The twist at the end completed this book with a bang, with leaving the reader wanting for more. It is very hard to believe that this novel is Alexandra Blogier’s first novel as writes with expertise and easily connects with the reader. Her complete understanding of the characters she writes about makes it very easy for the reader to see them through her eyes. This book was outstanding and I would recommend anyone looking for a good sci-fi read to pick up this book and get ready for an adventure that is literally out of this world!

- Manraaj


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