11 items
The World's Favorite Drug
Book - 2002
A History of the American Spirit
Book - 2014
Chasing the White Dog
An Amateur Outlaw's Adventures in Moonshine
Book - 2010
A Cultural History of Alcohol
Book - 2009
Driving With the Devil
Southern Moonshine, Detroit Wheels, and the Birth of NASCAR
Book - 2006
Gentlemen Bootleggers
The True Story of Templeton Rye, Prohibition, and A Small Town in Cahoots
eBook - 2014
Last Call
The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
Book - 2010
Thirteen Years That Changed America
Book - 1996
DVD - 2011
Prohibition in Washington, D.C
How Dry We Weren't
Book - 2011
Spirits of Just Men
Mountaineers, Liquor Bosses, and Lawmen in the Moonshine Capital of the World
Book - 2011
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