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Annie Oakley
Book - 2007
Bad Guys
True Stories of Legendary Gunslingers, Sidewinders, Fourflushers, Drygulchers, Bushwhackers, Freebooters, and Downright Bad Guys and Gals of the Wild West
Book - 1998
Food and Recipes of the Westward Expansion
Book - 1997
The Forgotten Heroes
The Story of the Buffalo Soldiers
Book - 1993
Gold! Gold From the American River!
Book - 2011
Journey of A Pioneer
Book - 2008
The Oregon Trail and the Daring Journey West by Wagon
Book - 2006
Singing Our Way West
Songs and Stories From America's Westward Expansion
Book - 1998
Through the American West
Book - 2011
Voices of the Alamo
Book - 2004
Westward Ho!
Eleven Explorers of the West
Book - 2005
What Was the Alamo?
Book - 2013
What Was the Gold Rush?
Book - 2013
Wild West Days
Discover the Past With Fun Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes
Book - 1998
You Wouldn't Want to Be An American Pioneer!
A Wilderness You'd Rather Not Tame
Book - 2002
You Wouldn't Want to Be A Pony Express Rider!
A Dusty, Thankless Job You'd Rather Not Do
Book - 2012
You Wouldn't Want to Explore With Lewis and Clark!
An Epic Journey You'd Rather Not Make
Book - 2013
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