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Black Veterans of the Vietnam War : An Oral History
Book - 2006
Blue-eyed Boy
A Memoir
Book - 2014
The Eaves of Heaven
A Life in Three Wars
Book - 2008
A Marine Story
Book - 2009
The Odyssey of Echo Company
The 1968 Tet Offensive and the Epic Battle to Survive the Vietnam War
Book - 2017
Our Year of War
Two Brothers, Vietnam, and A Nation Divided
Book - 2017
Ride the Thunder
A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph
Book - 2009
Stealth Patrol
The Making of A Vietnam Ranger
eBook - 2003
Such A Lovely Little War
Saigon, 1961-63
Book - 2016
War in Our Wake
The Untold Story of the Last American Military Presence of the Vietnam War
Book - 2017
We Were Soldiers Once-- and Young
Ia Drang, the Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam
eBook - 2012
Checkout Now
What It Is Like to Go to War
Book - 2011
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