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Big Yoga
A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
Book - 2010
Everyday Yoga
At-home Routines to Enhance Fitness, Build Strength, and Restore your Body
Book - 2015
Gentle Yoga for Arthritis
Book - 2014
Simple Poses to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Add Joy
Book - 2015
The Joy of Yoga
Fifty Sequences for your Home and Studio Practice
Book - 2014
Restorative Yoga for Life
A Relaxing Way to De-stress, Re-energize, and Find Balance
Book - 2015
Sit With Less Pain
Gentle Yoga for Meditators and Everyone Else
Book - 2014
The Path to Holistic Health
Book - 2014
Yoga for Arthritis
The Complete Guide
Book - 2008
Yoga for Dummies
Book - 2014
Yoga for Healthy Knees
What You Need to Know for Pain Prevention and Rehabilitation
Book - 2005
Yoga Sparks
108 Easy Practices for Stress Relief in A Minute or Less
Book - 2013
Yoga XXL
A Journey to Health for Bigger People
Book - 2013
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