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Sixteen Men, Seventy-two Days, and Insurmountable Odds-- the Classic Adventure of Survival in the Andes
Book - 2005
Donner Dinner Party
Book - 2013
Eat Thy Neighbour
A History of Cannibalism
eBook - 2012
Eaters of the Dead
[the Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan, Relating His Experiences With the Northmen in A.D. 922]
Audiobook CD - 1999
In the Heart of the Sea
The True Story of the Whaleship Essex
Book - 2015
Island of the Lost
Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World
Book - 2007
My Friend Dahmer
A Graphic Novel
by Derf
Book - 2012
Panic in Level 4
Cannibals, Killer Viruses, and Other Journeys to the Edge of Science
Book - 2009
Speaking Ill of the Dead
Jerks in Colorado History
eBook - 2011
Symphony for the City of the Dead
Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad
Book - 2015
Tales of the Peculiar
Book - 2016
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