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Animals Alive
[the Fight for Survival in the Wild]
Book - 2011
The Best Book of Endangered and Extinct Animals
Book - 2004
Dog Finds Lost Dolphins
And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes
Book - 2012
Endangered Pandas
Book - 2005
Hugger to the Rescue
Book - 1994
Jimmy the Joey
The True Story of An Amazing Koala Rescue
Book - 2013
Maggie the One-eyed Peregrine Falcon
A True Story of Rescue and Rehabilitation
Book - 2016
Misson Sea Turtle Rescue
All About Sea Turtles and How to Save Them
Book - 2015
Natumi Takes the Lead
The True Story of An Orphan Elephant Who Finds Family
Book - 2016
On A Road in Africa
Book - 2008
Paws of Courage
True Tales of Heroic Dogs That Protect and Serve
Book - 2016
Saving the Baghdad Zoo
A True Story of Hope and Heroes
Book - 2010
Tiger in Trouble!
And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Rescues
Book - 2012
Winter's Tail
How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again
Book - 2009
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