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Children's Games With Things
Children's Games With Things Marbles, Fivestones, Throwing and Catching, Gambling, Hopscotch, Chucking and Pitching, Ball-bouncing, Skipping, Tops and Tipcat By Opie, Iona Archibald Book - 1997 793.01 Op All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Covering everything from marbles to hopscotch, this groundbreaking survey of children's games is the third book in a series, the others being "Children's Games in Street and Playground" and "The Singing Game."

Games With Sticks, Stones, and Shells
Games With Sticks, Stones, and Shells By Oakley, Ruth Book - 1989 796.2 Oa Available in some locations

Annotation:Gives the background and instructions for playing hopscotch, jacks, and other games that are played with sticks, stones, and marbles. Part of the series, Games Children Play around the World.

Imaginative Inventions
Imaginative Inventions The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Roller Skates, Potato Chips, Marbles, and Pie and More! By Harper, Charise Mericle Book - 2001 609 Ha Available in some locations

Annotation:Written in verse and filled with full-color illustrations drawn by the author, this book invites young readers inside the minds of great inventors, encouraging them to think imaginatively as it offers the origins of items such as roller skates, potato chips, eyeglasses, the vacuum cleaner, and more.

Marbles 101 Ways to Play By Cole, Joanna Book - 1998 796.2 Co Available in some locations

Annotation:Learn the history of marbles and marble making. Has instructions for playing different kinds of games, and more for marble maniacs.

The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys
The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys Things to Do By Iggulden, Conn Book - 2008 031.02 Ig Available in some locations

Annotation:"Many of the pieces in this edition have been selected from the much loved The Dangerous Book for Boys. They have been chosen to give readers things to do, inside and out, during the long summer days. This edition is a perfect format for readers to take everywhere with them. It has new drawings and new activities."

Transformed How Everyday Things Are Made By Slavin, Bill Book - 2005 670 Sl Available in some locations

Annotation:Discover how nature is transformed into more than sixty things we eat, drink, play with, wear or use every day.

Annotation:An arcade of online games, the history of marbles, and more!

Annotation:Another way to use your marbles. You and a friend can design mazes to see who can make a marble roll through as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible. Here's a hint: friction helps!

Annotation:Check here if you don't know your mibs from your taw.

Annotation:The museum's Web site has articles on the history of marbles, marble game rules, and how marbles are made. For experienced readers.

Annotation:Learn more about the national tournament where mibsters (marble shooters) compete for national honors, scholarships, and other prizes.

Annotation:Learn marbles games from Turkey, Cyprus, and Indonesia.

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A list of books and Web sites to help kids and families discover the timeless fun of playing marbles.