CRRL History: To Fight a Duel

The Book of the Sword
The Book of the Sword By Burton, Richard Francis Book - 1987 623.441 Bu Available in some locations

Annotation:"Eloquent, exceptionally erudite history of the 'Queen of Weapons.' Traces sword's origin — from prehistory to its full growth during early Roman Empire. Discusses earliest weapons of stone, bone, horn and wood as well as variations: sabre, broadsword, cutlass, scimitar and more. Enhanced by nearly 300 excellent line drawings." (Amazon)

By the Sword
By the Sword A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers, and Olympic Champions By Cohen, Richard Book - 2002 796.86 Co All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:" epic history of sword fighting—a science, an art, and, for many, a religion that began at the dawn of civilization in ancient Egypt and has been an obsession for mankind ever since. With wit and insight, Richard Cohen gives us an engrossing history of the world via the sword." (Amazon)

Chivalry and Romance in the English Renaissance
Chivalry and Romance in the English Renaissance By Davis, Alex eBook - 2003 820.9353 Da Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:"...this study finds evidence for the continued vitality and relevance of chivalric values at all levels of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century society, from the court entertainments of Elizabeth I to the civic culture of London merchants and artisans."

The Duel
The Duel DVD - 2011 9.7346 Du All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 1 copy

Annotation:On the morning of July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton was fatally wounded in a duel by Aaron Burr in the culminating act of a political war that had lasted for more than a decade. The rivals' final encounter in Weehauken ruined Burr's career and changed the fate of a nation.

Duel Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Future of America By Fleming, Thomas J. Book - 1999 973.46 Fl Available in some locations

Annotation:"Their hunger for fame spawned antagonisms that wreaked havoc on themselves and their families and threatened to destabilize the fragile young American republic. From that poisonous brew came the tangle of regret and anger and ambition that drove the two to their murderous confrontation in Weehawken, New Jersey."

The Duellists's Companion
The Duellists's Companion A Training Manual for 17th Century Italian Rapier By Windsor, Guy Book - 2006 796.86 Wi All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"Designed as a practical training manual, the book contains more than 400 illustrations and step-by-step photographs accompanying clear, easy-to-follow text. This book will become a standard rapier text for theatrical performers, Western martial artists, SCA, historical and classical fencers, and anyone interested in the derring-do of the swashbuckling rapier." (Amazon)

Halls of Honor
Halls of Honor College Men in the Old South By Pace, Robert F. eBook - 2011 378.1981 Pa Click here for ebook »

Annotation:"Through extensive research into records, letters, and diaries of students and faculty from more than twenty institutions, Pace creates a vivid portrait of adolescent rebelliousness struggling with the ethic to cultivate a public face of industry, respect, and honesty. These future leaders confronted authority figures, made friends, studied, courted, frolicked, drank, gambled, cheated, and dueled—all within the established traditions of their southern culture." (Publisher's description)

Methods and Practice of Elizabethan Swordplay
Methods and Practice of Elizabethan Swordplay By Turner, Craig eBook - 1990 796.86 Tu Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:"More than a technical manual on swordplay, this book explores the influence of a new form of violence introduced into Elizabethan culture by the invention of the rapier. The authors examine the rapier’s influence on the various social classes, the clash between the traditional English fencing masters and those embracing the new style, the growing concern with unregulated dueling, and the frequent references to rapier play in the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries."

Gentlemen's Blood
Gentlemen's Blood A History of Dueling From Swords at Dawn to Pistols at Dusk By Holland, Barbara Book - 2003 394.8 Ho Available in some locations

Annotation:"The medieval justice of trial by combat evolved into the private duel by sword and pistol, with thousands of honorable men-and not-so-honorable women-giving lives and limbs to wipe out an insult or prove a point. The duel was essential to private, public, and political life, and those who followed the elaborate codes of procedure were seldom prosecuted and rarely convicted-for, in fact, they were obeying a grand old tradition."

Pistols and Pointed Pens
Pistols and Pointed Pens The Dueling Editors of Old Virginia By Dabney, Virginius Book - 1987 070.4 Da Available in some locations

Annotation:"In this delightful excursion into nineteenth century Virginia, the author chronicles the personalities and the adventures of a succession of newspaper editors centered on Richmond, the state capital, s they took their stands and frequently defended their honor with pistols and other lethal weapons."

The Sword and the Centuries, Or, Old Sword Days and Old Sword Ways
The Sword and the Centuries, Or, Old Sword Days and Old Sword Ways Being A Description of the Various Swords Used in Civilized Europe During the Last Five Centuries, and of Single Combats Which Have Been Fought With Them By Hutton, Alfred Book - 2003 623.441 Hu Available in some locations

Annotation:The colorful and vividly descriptive book traces the sword and its use throughout the Golden Age of swordsmanship.

Tales of the Gun
Tales of the Gun Dueling Pistols, the Etiquette of Death DVD Available in some locations

Annotation:"At the turn of the 19th century, upper-class men of Europe and America fought pistol duels to the death. The pistols created for these duels were some of the most beautiful ever made. We'll examine these magnificent weapons that gave this strange ritual its deadly character."

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