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Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself
Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself By Anderson, Maxine Book - 2006 608 An Available in some locations

Annotation:Introduces readers to the life, world, and incredible mind of Leonardo da Vinci through hands-on building projects that explore his invention ideas.

Cool Stuff 2.0 and How It Works
Cool Stuff 2.0 and How It Works By Woodford, Chris Book - 2010 600 Wo Available in some locations

Annotation:Uses computer-generated images to explain how many devices and processes of modern technology work, covering such inventions as Wind turbine, Wi-Fi toys, Simulators, Robot car, and Gekkomat.

Design It!
Design It! The Ordinary Things We Use Every Day and the Not-so-ordinary Ways They Came to Be By Arato, Rona Book - 2010 745.2 Ar Available in some locations

Annotation:"Rona Arato introduces young readers to the world of industrial design by focusing on our homes and by presenting the basics. She asks readers to be the judge: Does it do what it's supposed to (function)? Is it big enough, small enough, or light enough for the person who'll be using it (usability)? Is it safe and comfortable to use (ergonomics)? Does it look great (aesthetics)? And, is it eco-friendly? Equal parts fascinating history and eye-opening facts, Design It! makes for great reading and is a useful resource for those who are beginning to think about careers."

Incredible Inventions
Incredible Inventions Poems Book - 2009 600 In Available in some locations

Annotation:"Inventions can be big, like roller coasters, or small, like crayons. And inventors can be scientists or athletes or even boys and girls! It's hard to imagine life without Popsicles, basketball, or Band-Aids, but they all started with just one person and a little imagination. With sixteen original poems"

The Klutz Book of Inventions
The Klutz Book of Inventions By Cassidy, John Book - 2010 818 Ca Available in some locations

Annotation:"...a 200-page catalog of never-before-seen contraptions that are equal parts brilliant, useful, and ridiculous. None of them exist as actual products, but in a better world, a funnier world, they would all be household essentials. A helium-filled hide-a-bed (hop out and it hides on the ceiling), a tricycle-lawnmower combo (puts wasted play energy to work), and so much more."

Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions
Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions By Platt, Richard Book - 1994 609 Pl Available in some locations

Annotation:"This original timeline treats each subject as a visual thread and makes any history lesson memorable."

Thomas Edison for Kids
Thomas Edison for Kids His Life and Ideas : 21 Activities By Carlson, Laurie M. Book - 2006 921 Ediso All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 1 copy

Annotation:"Activities allow children to try Edison's experiments themselves, with activities such as making a puppet dance using static electricity, manufacturing a switch for electric current, constructing a telegraph machine, manipulating sound waves, building an electrical circuit to test for conductors and insulators, making a zoetrope, and testing a dandelion for latex.... A time line, glossary, and lists of supply sources, places to visit, and websites for further exploration complement this activity book."

Toilets, Toasters & Telephones
Toilets, Toasters & Telephones The How and Why of Everyday Objects By Rubin, Susan Goldman Book - 1998 683.8 Ru Available in some locations

Annotation:"Who invented the toilet? How did the telephone get its shape? Can a refrigerator or a toaster be art? And what does a chocolate bar melting in the lab coat of a scientist have to do with the invention of the microwave? In this fascinating history of everyday objects, Susan Goldman Rubin helps us appreciate anew the things we see all around us. She also introduces the inspired geniuses who are responsible for the way these universal objects look."

Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions By Wulffson, Don L. Book - 2000 688.72 Wu Available in some locations

Annotation:"Have you ever wondered who invented Lego, Mr. Potato Head, or toy trains? Here are the fascinating stories behind these toy inventions and many others. Learn why the see-saw was popular with the Romans, how the Slinky was used during the Vietnam War, and the reason Raggedy Ann has a red heart on her chest that says 'I love you.' From dolls and checkers to pinball and the modern video game, there's a wide selection here for boys and girls alike."

What's the Big Idea?
What's the Big Idea? Inventions That Changed Life on Earth Forever By Becker, Helaine Book - 2009 609 Be Available in some locations

Annotation:"...focuses on those inventions that help fulfill people's six basic needs: food, sleep, security, shelter, companionship, and good health."

Annotation:Part of the Smithsonian's American History Museum, the Center's Web site provides stories on inventors and inventions, multimedia and print materials for classroom use, and links to invention-related sites for history buffs, kids, and inventors.

Annotation:Before the engineers built them, the writers imagined them: helicopters, submarines, cell phones, and more.

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