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Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus By Aller, Susan Bivin Book - 2003 921 Colum Available in some locations

Annotation:This short book (47 pages) follows Columbus' life, from his beginnings as a boy who loved the sea through his adventures in the West Indies to his ultimate fame as the Admiral of the Ocean Seas. Part of the History Maker Bios series.

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus By Roop, Peter Book - 2000 921 Colum Available in some locations

Annotation:Diary selections throughout this biography let Columbus tell his story in his own words. 128 pages. Includes maps.

Columbus By Demi Book - 2012 921 Colum Available in some locations

Annotation:"Demi portrays Columbus as a great navigator and explorer, but she also provides a balanced view of his accomplishments, describing his enslavement of the native Taino Indians of Central America and his mismanagement of the colonies that he established in the Indies. Using Chinese paintbrushes and inks, gold overlays, and Italian marbled paper from Florence, Italy, she paints Columbus’s vast world with characteristic skill and beauty."

Columbus and the World Around Him
Columbus and the World Around Him By Meltzer, Milton Book - 1990 970.01 Me Available in some locations

Annotation:This different view of Columbus shows a man whose ambition for fame and wealth, as well as his wish to convert the New World people to his own faith, drove him beyond the edge of his known world. This book, unlike many others, tells of the consequences to the native peoples as they met their doom under the Spanish conquest that followed as well as their ultimate influence on their conquerors. A well-researched biography that draws on primary sources and includes maps.

Columbus Day
Columbus Day By Sandak, Cass R. Book - 1990 970.01 Sa Available in some locations

Annotation:Learn why and how Columbus Day is celebrated, and read about the highlights the life and voyages of the famous explorer. Part of a series of books on celebrating the holidays.

Columbus Day
Columbus Day By Liestman, Vicki Book - 1991 970.015 Li Available in some locations

Annotation:A look at Columbus' life and his role as both an explorer and an invader of the West Indies. Beginning readers writing their first reports may find this book and the others in the Carolrhoda on My Own Books series meet their needs perfectly. However, it does not include maps of the voyages.

Columbus Day
Columbus Day By Fradin, Dennis B. Book - 1990 970.015 Fr Available in some locations

Annotation:Learn about Columbus' famous explorations and how we came to have the holiday known as Columbus Day. Includes drawings and photographs.

Columbus Opening up the New World By Feinstein, Stephen Book - 2010 921 Columb Available in some locations

Annotation:On October 12, 1492, after five weeks of sailing on the Atlantic Ocean, a lookout aboard the Pinta, one of Christopher Columbus's three ships, spotted land. This biography tells the story of how Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean four times and claimed several Caribbean islands for the Spanish crown. Although Columbus was not the first European to discover the Americas, he established colonies and opened up the trade of products and ideas that would change the world forever.

Encounter By Yolen, Jane Oversize Book - 1992 FICTION Yol Available in some locations

Annotation:What did the Taino people of present-day San Salvador think when they first encountered Columbus? Jane Yolen, a gifted writer, has imagined how a young native boy would have felt as a customary feast in the strangers' honor ends in his kidnapping. There is no record of how the Taino reacted to Columbus, but this fictionalized history gives another perspective to the legend of the explorer.

I Sailed With Columbus
I Sailed With Columbus By Schlein, Miriam Book - 1991 FICTION Sch Available in some locations

Annotation:In this fictionalized history, Julio, a twelve-year-old ship's boy, keeps a diary of his time aboard the Santa Maria. He learns to navigate by the stars, measure with knots, and sing songs to pass the time on the long voyage and is there at the Santa Maria's wreck.

I, Columbus
I, Columbus My Journal, 1492-3 By Columbus, Christopher Book - 1990 970.01 Co Available in some locations

Annotation:All the excitement of Columbus' first voyage of discovery is captured in the master mariner's own diaries.

If You Were There in 1492
If You Were There in 1492 By Brenner, Barbara Book - 1991 970.01 Br Available in some locations

Annotation:Readers take a trip back in time to learn about the culture and civilization of 15th century Europe and Spain, and the discovery of America by Columbus.

Meet Christopher Columbus
Meet Christopher Columbus By De Kay, James T. Paperback - 1989 900 Available in some locations

Annotation:The story of Columbus's voyages, his encounters with storms, Indians and political intrique is told in a clear and exciting fashion. Includes map of the world during Columbus's time and a detailed drawing of the Santa Maria. An excellent biography for beginning readers.

A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus By Adler, David A. Book Plus CD - 1992 9.21 Colum All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A good choice for sharing out loud with a class of younger students. Includes the critical facts of his life, a map of the first voyage and a list of important dates. Part of the Picture Book Biography series. Also available in a Spanish-language edition, Un Libro Ilustrado Sobre Cristobal Colon.

Stories From the Days of Christopher Columbus
Stories From the Days of Christopher Columbus A Multicultural Collection for Young Readers By Young, Richard Book - 1992

Annotation:A collection of traditional tales, fables, and legends from the cultures brought together or affected by the voyages of Columbus, including those of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the mainland and island Indian tribes he encountered. Part of the American Storytelling series.

The Story of Columbus
The Story of Columbus By Ganeri, Anita Book - 2001 921 Colum Available in some locations

Annotation:In easy language, the book describes how Christopher Columbus survived danger on his voyages to the New World. A Dorling Kindersley, Level 2 beginning reader, good for students who are starting to read on their own but still need some help. Includes maps and many illustrations.

Westward With Columbus
Westward With Columbus By Dyson, John Book - 1991 970.015 Dy Available in some locations

Annotation:In the summer of 1990, a crew of adventurers, including the author, faithfully reenacted Columbus's famous voyage in a replica of the Nina. From this modern voyage, the book flashes back to life aboard the original ships, where readers will meet a fictional cabin boy and witness the entire voyage through his eyes.

You Wouldn't Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus!
You Wouldn't Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus! Uncharted Waters You'd Rather Not Cross / Written by Fiona Macdonald ; Illustrated by David Antram ; Created and Designed by David Salariya By Macdonald, Fiona Book - 2004 970.015 Ma Available in some locations

Annotation:A humorous look at sailing on a ship in the 15th century. So you want to go to sea -- Why do you want to explore? -- How would you pay for the voyage? -- How would you prepare your fleet? -- Could you handle a sailing ship? -- Which way would you steer? -- Could you cope on board? -- Would you lose hope? -- Could you survive on shore? -- Would you get home safely? -- Would you make more voyages? -- Would it all be worthwhile?

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