CRRL Kids: Thanksgiving Stories and Crafts

1621 A New Look at Thanksgiving By Grace, Catherine O'Neill Book - 2001 394.264 Gr Available in some locations

Annotation:In October of 2000, Plimoth Plantation cooperated with the Wampanoag community to stage an historically accurate reenactment of the 1621 harvest celebration. This book describes the actual events that took place during the three days that the Wampanoag people and the colonists came together.

All New Crafts for Thanksgiving
All New Crafts for Thanksgiving By Ross, Kathy Book - 2006 745.594 Ro Available in some locations

Annotation:A sailing ship cup. A girl pilgrim puppet. An Indian corn pin. These are just a few of the many fun crafts for kids to try this Thanksgiving season.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD - 2008 3.942 Ch Available in some locations

Annotation:In "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," Peppermint Patty and friends show up at Charlie Brown's on Thanksgiving unexpectedly, Chuck, with the help of Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock, shows them the true meaning of Thanksgiving. In "The Mayflower Voyagers," Charlie Brown and his friends show us what the voyage of the Mayflower would have been like and how the colonists settled into their new land.

Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit
Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit By Bridwell, Norman Paperback - 1993 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Emily Elizabeth and her big red dog discover all they have to be thankful for during a Thanksgiving visit.

Cranberry Thanksgiving
Cranberry Thanksgiving By Devlin, Wende Book - 1971 FICTION Dev All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"Grandmother certainly didn't want to ask Mr. Whiskers for Thanksgiving dinner! She was very angry when Maggie asked him. She was even more angry when SOMEONE stole her favorite, secret recipe for cranberry bread! Was Mr. Whiskers the thief?" Read the book and then try the recipe for cranberry bread.

Duck for Turkey Day
Duck for Turkey Day By Jules, Jacqueline Book - 2009 FICTION Jul All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:When Tuyet finds out that her Vietnamese family is having duck rather than turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, she is upset until she finds out that other children in her class did not eat turkey, either.

The First Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving By Hayward, Linda Book - 1990 394.26 Ha Available in some locations

Annotation:Young readers can discover the history of Thanksgiving for themselves. A Step into Reading book, Step 3.

The First Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving By George, Jean Craighead Book - 2001 394.264 Ge Available in some locations

Annotation:This is the true story of the Pilgrims and the native people who met them and taught them their ways. The book has beautiful illustrations.

Giving Thanks
Giving Thanks A Native American Good Morning Message By Swamp, Jake Book - 1995 299.74 Sw Available in some locations

Annotation:"To be a human being is an honor, and we offer thanksgiving for all the gifts of life." This prayer of thanksgiving from the Mohawks is an uplifting and beautifully illustrated way to teach gratitude to young children. A copy of the prayer in its original kaniakehala (Mohawk) language is included.

Gobble The Complete Book of Thanksgiving Words By Graham-Barber, Lynda Book - 1991 394.268 Gr All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Where do the words pilgrim, harvest, and musket come from? What other harvest celebrations are celebrated around the world? Who was on the Mayflower? The fascinating answers to these and other questions are found in Gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving By McNamara, Margaret Book - 2005 FICTION McN Available in some locations

Annotation:Just as Mrs. Connor's first grade class finishes dressing up in their Thanksgiving costumes, a fire drill is called. A level 1 beginning reader

Happy Thanksgiving Rebus
Happy Thanksgiving Rebus By Adler, David A. Book - 1991 FICTION Adl Available in some locations

Annotation:It's fun to put the pictures together to form words in this holiday puzzle book.

How Many Days to America?
How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story By Bunting, Eve Book - 1988 394.26 Bu Available in some locations

Annotation:The people set out in a rickety boat for America because they hoped they could have a better life. No, we're not talking about the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. These modern immigrants come from the Caribbean and arrive on Thanksgiving Day.

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie
I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie By Jackson, Alison Book - 1997 FICTION Jac Available in some locations

Annotation:It's a silly, silly book! The old lady who swallowed a pie, swallowed some cider "that rumbled and mumbled and grumbled inside her" to moisten the pie, the Thanksgiving pie which was really too dry! As the lady eats and eats, she gets bigger and bigger.

Kit Learns A Lesson
Kit Learns A Lesson A School Story By Tripp, Valerie Book - 2000 FICTION Tri Available in some locations

Annotation:Kit Kittredge, a girl living in Cincinnati in 1934, learns some lessons in thanksgiving as the Great Depression comes closer to home. Part of The American Girls series.

Little Bear's Thanksgiving
Little Bear's Thanksgiving By Janice Book - 1967 FICTION Jan All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Little Bear has always slept when cold weather came, but this year will be different! His friends teach him about the first Thanksgiving while he waits for the big day.

The Mayflower and the Pilgrims' New World
The Mayflower and the Pilgrims' New World By Philbrick, Nathaniel Book - 2008 973.22 Ph Available in some locations

Annotation:"After a journey across the Atlantic, the Mayflower's passengers were saved from destruction with the help of the natives of the Plymouth region. For fifty years, peace was maintained as Pilgrims and Natives worked together. But that trust was broken with the next generation of leaders, and conflict erupted that nearly wiped out English and natives alike."

Molly's Pilgrim
Molly's Pilgrim By Cohen, Barbara Book - 1983 FICTION Coh Available in some locations

Annotation:Having just come to America, Molly's pilgrim school project doesn't look like any other student's.

Mousekin's Thanksgiving
Mousekin's Thanksgiving By Miller, Edna Book - 1985 FICTION Mil Available in some locations

Annotation:Mousekin and his forest friends struggle to survive the winter together in the company of a wild turkey.

My Very Own Thanksgiving
My Very Own Thanksgiving A Book of Cooking and Crafts By West, Robin Book - 1993 394.2 We Available in some locations

Annotation:Kids can help! Make pretty table-settings and help plan menus. You may need an adult's help for some recipes.

Nickommoh! A Thanksgiving Celebration By Koller, Jackie French Book - 1999 394.26 Ko Available in some locations

Annotation:Nickommoh was the name the local Native Americans used to describe their harvest feast before the Pilgrims came to their shores. Nickommoh was a time to exchange clothing and food or give them away to those in need. The festival included dancing, games, prayer, song and stays in sweat lodges.

An Old-fashioned Thanksgiving
An Old-fashioned Thanksgiving By Alcott, Louisa May Book - 2005 FICTION Alc Available in some locations

Annotation:While Mother is away caring for Grandmother, the seven Bassett children prepare their own holiday feast. From the author of Little Women.

One Is A Feast for Mouse
One Is A Feast for Mouse A Thanksgiving Tale By Cox, Judy Book - 2008 FICTION Cox Available in some locations

Annotation:The Thanksgiving feast is over. Leftover turkey and pumpkin pie litter the table. Mouse peeps out of his hidey-hole and spots a small green pea. the perfect feast for one mouse. Yes, one green pea, one red cranberry, one plate of mashed potatoes, and one roasted turkey, that should make a very fine feast for Mouse. But can he get it all back to his hidey-hole?

Over the River and Through the Wood
Over the River and Through the Wood By Child, Lydia Maria Book - 1992 FICTION Chi Available in some locations

Annotation:Well-known together with lesser-known verses to the traditional Thanksgiving song are illustrated from both Grandmother's and the journeying family's point of view.

P Is for Pilgrim
P Is for Pilgrim A Thanksgiving Alphabet By Crane, Carol Book - 2003 394.264 Cr Available in some locations

Annotation:Looks at the history and lore of Thanksgiving from A for "across the Atlantic Ocean" to Z for the "zeppelin-like" balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The Purple Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Riddles
The Purple Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Riddles By Adler, David A. Book - 1986

Annotation:"What's purple and covered with feathers?" "A turkey holding its breath!" Good for giggles in the car or around the holiday table.

Squanto's Journey
Squanto's Journey The Story Of The First Thanksgiving By Bruchac, Joseph Paperback - 2007 Available in some locations

Annotation:This is the story of the first Thanksgiving from the point of view of Squanto. Squanto belonged to the Patuxet tribe. Before the Pilgrims came, he was sold into slavery by English fisherman. When he found his way home, he discovered his people were all but wiped out by disease. Yet Squanto helped the Pilgrims survive in their new land. This is his story.

Thanksgiving By Peppas, Lynn Book - 2009 394.2649 Pe Available in some locations

Annotation:Contents: What is Thanksgiving? -- A national holiday -- Past celebrations -- The pilgrims -- The first Thanksgiving -- Turkeys! -- Thanksgiving dinner -- Thanksgiving songs -- Thanksgiving symbols -- Thanksgiving parades -- Thanksgiving sports -- Giving thanks -- Giving to others -- Thanksgiving in Canada.

Thanksgiving Crafts
Thanksgiving Crafts A Holiday Craft Book By Corwin, Judith Hoffman Book - 1995 745.5 Co Available in some locations

Annotation:Follow step-by-step instructions and use everyday materials to create special decorations for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Fun
Thanksgiving Fun By Randall, Ronne Book - 1994 394.26 Ra Available in some locations

Annotation:There are decorations, cards, costumes, and gifts to make, recipes and games, plus historical information about Thanksgiving and other harvest festivals that take place around the world.

Thanksgiving Is
Thanksgiving Is By Gibbons, Gail Book - 2004 394.264 Gi Available in some locations

Annotation:"Thanksgiving is turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. It is parades with giant balloons. It is a holiday for remembering the Pilgrims and the Indians they met. Most of all, it is a time to share with family and friends, and a time to give thanks for many blessings."

This Is the Feast
This Is the Feast By Shore, Diane ZuHone Book - 2008 FICTION Sho Available in some locations

Annotation:This rhyming read-aloud with lovely pictures tells the story of the thanksgiving feast celebrated by the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims in the New Plymouth Colony.

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