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Annotation:Biographical approaches to history and culture. All lectures are open to the public free of charge; no tickets are required. Programs begin at 7:30 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium in George Washington Hall.

The Spartacus War
The Spartacus War By Strauss, Barry S. Book - 2010 937.05 St Available in some locations

Annotation:"An authoritative account from an expert author: The Spartacus War is the first popular history of the revolt in English. A leading authority on classical military history, Barry Strauss has used recent archaeological discoveries, ancient documents, and on-site investigations to create the most accurate and detailed account of the Spartacus rebellion ever written—and it reads like a first-rate novel." - Barnes & Noble

A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities
A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities Strange Tales and Surprising Facts From the World's Greatest Empire By McKeown, J. C. Book - 2010 937 Mc Available in some locations

Annotation:"Here is a whimsical and captivating collection of odd facts, strange beliefs, outlandish opinions, and other highly amusing trivia of the ancient Romans. We tend to think of the Romans as a pragmatic people with a ruthlessly efficient army, an exemplary legal system, and a precise and elegant language. A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities shows that the Romans were equally capable of bizarre superstitions, logic-defying customs, and often hilariously derisive views of their fellow Romans and non-Romans." - Goodreads

The Complete Roman Army
The Complete Roman Army By Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith Book - 2003 355.00937 Go Available in some locations

Annotation:"Adrian Goldsworthy’s The Complete Roman Army is an amazing textbook, which provides detailed information about different aspects of the Roman war machine. While the book is only 224 pages, including the bibliography, and index, the book is incredibly dense with information." - Portland Book Review

Emperors and Gladiators
Emperors and Gladiators By Wiedemann, Thomas E. J. eBook - 2002 Click on URL Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:"In this original and authoritative study, Thomas Wiedemann argues that gladiators were part of the mythical struggle of order and civilisation against the forces of nature, barbarism and law breaking, representing the possibility of a return to new life from the point of death; that Christian Romans rejected gladiatorial games not on humanitarian grounds, but because they were a rival representation of a possible resurrection." - Goodreads

Gladiator DVD - 2003 7.914 Gl Available in some locations

Annotation:" A sword and sandals epic, a muscular and bold combat film threaded with scenes of graphic gore which should have cinema audiences baying for blood for months to come...The film delivers everything it promises and then some. It doesn't purport to be the most intelligent of this year's big budget offerings but tells its story with the minimum of dialogue and the maximum impact. Let the games begin." - TalkTalk

I Am Spartacus!
I Am Spartacus! Making A Film, Breaking the Blacklist By Douglas, Kirk eBook - 2012 791.4372 Do Click here for Freading ebook »

Annotation:"More than fifty years after the release of his enduring epic Spartacus, Douglas reveals the riveting drama behind the making of the legendary gladiator film... A master storyteller, Douglas paints a vivid and often humorous portrait in I Am Spartacus! The book is enhanced by newly discovered period photography of the stars and filmmakers both on and off the set." - Open Road Media

In Search of Ancient Rome
In Search of Ancient Rome By Moatti, Claude Book - 1993 945.63 Mo Available in some locations

Annotation:"Many times destroyed, many times rebuilt, Rome never completely disappeared. The famous symbols of the Eternal City - the Colosseum, the Pantheon and Trajan's Column - have survived twenty centuries of pillage and invasions. Treasure hunters and scholars, archaeologists and artists, popes and poets adored, occupied and plundered them - and restored and embellished them as well. This is the story of how Rome's magnificence has endured it all." - Amazon

Roman Warfare
Roman Warfare By Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith Book - 2007 355.00937 Go Available in some locations

Annotation:"Roman Warfare" by Adrian Goldsworthy is everything the title suggests it would be—a history of the structure, tactics, and organization of the institution that made both the Roman Republic and its Imperial successor the great power of the Mediterranean. It recounts the evolution of the army from small raiding clans to highly-disciplined infantry force to the undisciplined cavalry near the collapse of the west." - Goodreads

Spartacus and the Slave War 73-71 BC
Spartacus and the Slave War 73-71 BC A Gladiator Rebels Against Rome By Fields, Nic Book - 2009 937.05 Fi Available in some locations

Annotation:"This is a good beginning point for the study of Spartacus and the Gladiator Revolt against Rome. It gives the basics of what happened, how, and why and also includes a very good bibliography for further research if the reader is so inclined. I would highly recommend this book even for those who already have knowledge because of its bare bones approach to this historical incident." - Amazon

Spartacus DVD - 2001 7.914 S73 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"At the time of its first release in 1960, “Spartacus” was hailed as the first intellectual epic since the silent days - the first Roman or Biblical saga to deal with ideas as well as spectacle. Even the ending was daring. The crucified hero is denied a conventional victory, and has to be consoled with the hope that his ideas will survive. Seen three decades later in a lovingly restored version, “Spartacus” still plays like an extraordinary epic, and its intellectual strength is still there. " - Roger Ebert

Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome
Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome By Kyle, Donald G. eBook - 1998 306.9 Ky Click here for EBSCOhost ebook »

Annotation:"In his most recent work, Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome, renowned Roman historian Donald G. Kyle analyzes violence and bloodshed in Roman amphitheaters. However, deviating from traditional gladiatorial surveys, Kyle focuses on the disposal and removal of slaughtered gladiators, Christians and criminal noxii from Roman arenas, for, as Kyle poignantly states, "That we are all equal in death, that death is the great leveler, was a popular idea with the Sceptics and Epicureans; but in Rome individuals were not truly equal in death..." - Amazon

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