CRRL Picks - Great Lives 2014 - Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Annotation:Biographical approaches to history and culture. All lectures are open to the public free of charge; no tickets are required. Programs begin at 7:30 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium in George Washington Hall.

Z A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald By Fowler, Therese Book - 2013 FICTION Fow Available in some locations

Annotation:A tale inspired by the marriage of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald follows their union in defiance of her father's opposition and her abandonment of the provincial finery of her upbringing in favor of a scandalous flapper identity that gains her entry into the literary party scenes of New York, Paris and the French Riviera.

Sometimes Madness Is Wisdom
Sometimes Madness Is Wisdom Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald : A Marriage By Taylor, Kendall Book - 2001 921 Fitzg Available in some locations

Annotation:Irresistibly charming, recklessly brilliant, Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald epitomized everything that was beautiful and damned about the Jazz Age. But behind the legend, there was a highly complex and competitive marriage-a union not of opposites but almost of twins who both inspired and tormented each other, and who were ultimately destroyed by their shared fantasies.

Zelda A Biography By Milford, Nancy Book - 2011 921 Fitzg Available in some locations

Annotation:Zelda Sayre started out as a Southern beauty, became an international wonder, and died by fire in a madhouse. With her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, she moved in a golden aura of excitement, romance, and promise. The epitome of the Jazz Age, they rode the crest of the era to its collapse and their own.

Zelda Fitzgerald
Zelda Fitzgerald Her Voice in Paradise By Cline, Sally Book - 2003 921 Fitzg Available in some locations

Annotation:The first major biography in more than 30 years to focus on the "high priestess of the Jazz Age" breaks new ground by giving full space to the woman and artist behind the legend.

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On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 7:30PM at UMW's Dodd Auditorium, Therese Anne Fowler, author of "Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald," will discuss Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

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