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allmyangels6 added a title to their For later shelf Aug 04 2020
While fancy and sophisticated foods continue to grow in popularity, ask most people what their favorite foods are and the answer will invariably be classic comfort foods: lasagna, meat loaf, mac and cheese, and cake. Unfortunately, most people...
allmyangels6 made a comment Jun 22 2020
"I LOVED this book! A family saga about love, forgiveness, and support. It is so well written and one is drawn into these two families, their lives. This one is a real keeper." Permalink
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allmyangels6 made a comment Nov 02 2019
"I did not enjoy this book. Like so many of Grisham's recent works, this one is slow to start and just plods along. I put it down midway and will not start again. Slow, dull, and unexciting." Permalink
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Nov 02 2019
"Kyle Mills is definitely no match for Vince Flynn !" Permalink
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